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Seeing is Believing (Part One)

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Persistence was… tough terrain to try and overcome with his new incarnation. But the being known as Pyrrhus was managing in his own way, though it involved a severe lack of sleep. Pyrrhus had landed on the planet roughly one week ago, and for the past four days, he’s been fully awake — no rest whats so ever. At the moment, Pyrrhus found himself at the Inn on Palisade. For once it was empty, fully quiet aside from the hobgoblins and Jerry behind the bar, tending to his daily duties.
Pyrrhus himself was silent, eyes locked onto the flames of the fireplace as they dance around, lapping up the oxygen in the air. The man was zoned out of the world around him, hardly noticing the small breeze that bit his skin from the open windows. Hours passed and hobs headed home, even Jerry finally turned in for the night with his wife. This left Pyrrhus entirely alone, listening to the call of crickets outside. The expression on the man’s face was blank, lifeless almost. What was going on in that head of blonde hair?
” .. Pyr.”
It was soft.. subtle and fleeting. The voice was sweet like raw sugar, smooth like water. The tone was lighthearted and kind, the voice purely feminine. The voice held no source, no lips to release the delicious sound that made the man of pure fire swoon and flicker like a candle in the wind.
One could’ve sworn he hadn’t noticed it, by the way the dead look in his eyes never falters. The only life in them was the burning of the irises, themselves, like fireballs. The glow of the fireplace against his skin in the dark helped to illuminate the growing bags under the man’s eyes, showing the lack of rest. The luxury he denied himself consistently. His mental emptiness is rattled by the sudden SCREAM into his ears of the voice once more. This time it sounded pained, horrified! Whoever she was she… She needs help!
PYRRHUS!” The scream echoed.
The pyro flings forward onto his feet, turning sharply and staring behind him with widened eyes. Was that.. real? Did he really hear that? The glowing eyes scanned the dark Inn, his breath a bit shaky from the sudden jarring sound. Even a stern flame can flicker and die. Pyrrhus softly called out in response, “Hello?” His own voice echoing slightly, before silence befell the entirety of the Inn once more. Nothing.. “What the hell..”
Pyr…” The soft and sweet tone chirps up again, into his left ear, so close he would’ve sworn someone was on his shoulders. No! The pyro jerks to the right, his head turning to try and spot the source but saw… a simple silhouette in the dark.. The more her voice called out and cried to him, the more he began to recognize her cries… “.. Wait… What’s… Fuck!” Pyrrhus cradled his head in his hands, feeling oddly dizzy before he has to shake the strange… fear, aside. Pyrrhus doesn’t understand fear and that only amplified it. Why was he afraid? What was afraid? “You’re just tired.” He assures himself, looking up and seeing that the silhouette had faded away. “What’s.. going on..”
Pyrrhus decided it was best to try and get sleep. It had to be the only way for it to go away, right? He’s just tired. “I’m just tired.” He mumbled once more, before turning to walk toward the stairs and to his room upstairs. But before he can, he grinds to a halt. Pyrrhus’ eyes widened and the lack of color to his skin only seemed to turn more white, like a literal ghost. Speaking of… Standing before Pyrrhus, at chest height with him, was a woman from the picture he always carried around. She was.. right here, in front of him. Those deep rubies staring up at him, with no emotion behind them. Pyrrhus was.. frozen. “L…” Before he can speak, the woman’s face turned into a soft smile — only unsettling him more.
She wore that same dress, thin and black in color that hugged her frame wonderfully. Pyrrhus knows every detail like they were his own. The silky softness of her skin, the shine off her ebony locks and those eyes. Oh god, those eyes. As they bore into his soul, beads of tears start at the outer corner of his eyes. “L.. Lark?” His tone was soft, his voice cracks, the desperation and pure shock evident all over him. One hand reaches out to touch her, just to cradle her cheek in his hand one more time but… The look on her face turned dark and sour, ANGRY. “You.” She spoke softly, the glare enough to cut through him like a hot knife through frozen butter. He never thought he’d dread that look in her eyes so much. “YOU DID THIS!” She screamed, sending Pyrrhus down to a knee – the sound so high pitched and loud it stunned him! Like someone scratched a chalkboard with metal nails.
Pyrrhus was on his knees, his hands clamped over his ears. He was wincing, feeling the pain even as it subsides into nothing but a phantom. When he’s able to crack his eyes open to look before him, she was.. gone. That smile that he wanted to see so bad had turned to hatred and anger.. What had he done? It’d been years since he’s seen her. Since he’s held her. Since he’s been able to actually be with her. “I’m sorry.” He spoke softly, his voice cracked and broken. Tears dripped down his cheeks, falling to the floor as he slumped forward with his palms against the ground. His chest felt cold, as if his sister had embedded a large pillar of ice directly into his rib cage. At this point, that would’ve been the best option for him. This pain was unlike any other. It felt as if his being had been pulled apart and torn to shreds. The same way it felt when he lost her all that time again.
DAMN IT!” He screamed out in frustration, once the voices and the feeling of her presence entirely subsided… Was he going crazy? Why did he just see her? But.. Did he see her? His right hand balled up, fire engulfing his fist as he punched the ground of the Inn hard, shattering the floorboards under the blow and burning the wood with a soft hiss. His entire being had begun to steam, his emotional stability was failing. “Why her..” He choked out after a few more tears, sitting on the Inn floor in shock for hours.
Pyrrhus wouldn’t move until the wave of Hobs rushed in the early morn, Jerry preparing the Inn after a night of rest. They had never heard a thing when Pyrrhus asked. Not a single peep. Maybe he was… really losing it. After all these years, the guilt had finally come back to weigh on him. The consequences for his actions were falling into his lap in one fatal swoop.
Was she alive, he thought. That split second ignited a hope that quickly was drowned in endless amounts of sorrow at the realization of no — Lark was gone. So, Perhaps it was time for a full night’s rest. Stop these issues now and move on, be happy in where he is or.. Just maybe.. /maybe/ see her once more. That temptation was too much for Pyrrhus, someone who thought more with his emotions than with his head. He had to try it. Had to test it.
Spirit or Hallucination, it was a road he would have to explore on his own.. But what it would entail for him? Time would only tell him.
    1. Moira 10 months ago

      I am in awe at how much emotion I am personally feeling. WOW.

    2. Joseph R. "Joey" Adams 10 months ago

      it’s good

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