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Seeking Interns – Calling All Talented Individuals!

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The Chronicle Society is an organization made up of administration and anonymous player characters who are all dedicated to serving Rolepages and making the entire community a better place. For years, we have toiled in the background keeping records of the heroes exploits.


Our community has grown considerably from those first humble days when we stuck the reporter feather into our caps, and we have branched out into many different forms of media in order to promote the site. To facilitate these changes, much of the work has turned from direct reporting to behind-the-scenes and technical projects.


As a result, we are now on the lookout for motivated, talented individuals who are willing to contribute to the site on a regular basis, in a variety of different ‘occupations.’


First of all, we are always on the lookout for people who wish to contribute to the written newspaper itself. If there has ever been a topic you wish we would cover (a gossip column? comic strip?), or if you’ve ever read one of our posts and thought “Gee, I could do better than that,” well now is your chance.


We would be proud to accept interns on a trial basis – write up a news report on a topic that interests you and that you think will interest the others in our community. Take that report and send it in a Mail Message to us here at the Chronicle Society (we strive to befriend all active members, but if you need to send a friend request we will accept as soon as possible) and we will review it and post anything that is of good quality and informative. You don’t even need to ask first – just go ahead and create whatever product you think we can use, and send it over.


Any individual who contributes printable works on a consistant basis or of exceptional quality will be considered for full membership into the Chronicle Society, with full access to all privileges that entitles.


However, we are not simply looking for writers. We are also on the watch for those people willing to record video broadcasts or participate in voice acting for our iTunes podcast feed. We would love to have volunteers to actively update our twitter status with events happening in the main chat or multiverse on a regular basis.


Technical help would also be of enormous assistance to us. If you have a secret affinity for video or sound editing, special effects, or programming languages, please do not hesitate to send us a message.


If your talents lie in the more artistic field, we are also interested in those who have skills drawing, painting, or creating computer animation.


We are also interested in finding musical talent – either wordless jingles or full length songs – to play during our podcasts and as background music for youtube broadcasts, or even to create music videos.


Together we can all create a more enjoyable environment, and we are always open to suggestions and comments from the players in the community – so if you have a skill you think would be helpful that isn’t listed here, drop us a line.


Thank you for your attention to this post, and please be patient if you submit work to us or contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that not all work submitted will be used, but that a rejection is by no means ground for giving up – we are looking for consistency as well as quality.

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  1. ::pokes sassy:: you should just send in something you think is cool, they said we have to do whatever we think is top priority and if it’s cool, we’ll get in.


    i already sent somethin’ in, you should just go for it too 

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