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Seras’ First Flashback

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Seras slowly reached her hand out to a thich black curtain, and pulled it open jusssttt a bit. She screached as sunlight suddenly filled the room, and she dropped the curtain again. “Come on! I thought that a third time is the charm! “ The women yelled out, she was madder then ever that she kept getting burned. Her throat was dry, and her eyes she knew were a dark red for thirst. She reached for one of the old wooden chairs and threw it to the wall nearest to her. She then collasped onto the ground wrapping her arms around her legs, “Don’t think about it, don’t think about it..”

A harsh voice came out from the wall, along with a tall man in a red cloak that she knew was her Master, “Think about what Police Girl?” Seras knew his game, and knew just to shake her head. Yet, Alucard didn’t stop there. He stepped closer to her until all she saw was his old boots, “Police Girl… Tell me what it is, it’s an order.”

Seras shook her head, refusing. “Don’t think about it! Don’t think about it!” She kept repeating this to herself, shaking her head.

The man crouched down infront of her, and put a finger under her chin, “Must I remind you of what can happen if you don’t follow the orders of your Master, Police Girl.”

Seras narrowed her eyes at him, “You just want to feckin push me! If it matters to you that much, I want the blooodddd!” She snarled her last word to him, her master grinning in pleasure to her response. Alucard grabbed Seras by her shirt, and started to drag her away from her room. Seras flailed about screaching words of hate to him, and finally.. Alucard threw her against a wall in a room with no windows and growled at her, “If you want blood, you’ll have to wait until dark or the blood pack from the kitchen. Yet, you need to understand if I catch you out on a killing spree, I WILL lock you in the dungeons…”

Seras flailed in his grip, “Let me go!” Seras yelled at him.

Alucard took her a bit from the wall before slamming her against it again, “Do you UNDERSTAND?” He yelled at her, his eyes narrowing on her from behind his orange glasses.

Seras growled, “I FUCKING understand!” she snapped at him, then Alucard dropped her onto the ground again. Seras slumped from the ground into a ball on the floor, she started to crawl for the Kitchen.

Yet Alucard stepped infront of her, “I didn’t dismiss you Police Girl…”

“WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT?”Seras growled at him, her glare going up to his face again.

Alucard bent down, a giant smirk on his face, “Let me touch them, their huge….”

Seras growled and punched him in the face, “IS THAT THE ONLY REASON YOU SAVED ME? BECAUSE I HAVE MASSIVE BOOBS?” Seras hated the guys in the mansion, and even some of the girls asking if they could grope her boobs. Expecially when she was in need of thirst.

Alucard snickered, “You gotta admit, everyone loves them.. Even my sister and my Master does..”


Suddenly, Seras snapped out of her daze. She shook her head, “Master, you think I didn’t know that?” She laughed at her crazy memory and got up from her chair, heading towards the Tavern.


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    I can’t help myself..They’re just so perky! *gropes*

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