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Shattered Rage.

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It had been awhile since James and I had stopped talking things over while he’d attempted to bring me out of my bad mood, sometime later I’d actually drifted to sleep curled up within his lap, anger always tired me out, moreso the black rages I fell into when something shocked me straight to the core that my grip upon my darker side, the side of me that was still “her” that dark twisted creature that I’d once been ten full lifetimes ago, slipped and my sanity more or less flew out the window. Thankfully that hadn’t happened in a long time and I hoped it wouldn’t happen for an even longer time. I snuggled closer to my warm pillow, the patient storm spirit who’s lap I was currently curled up in, barely taking notice of the chirping sound my hand held device made indicating someone from work needed my attention, which in itself should have started me awake, I was off the clock tonight…

I groaned and swatted at the device, attempting to silence it in a half asleep gesture, whatever it was, couldn’t it wait until morning? Evidently not, the sound merely grew louder, more obnoxious….and that’s when it hit me, the feeling that something was very very wrong. I bolted awake, careful not to hit James in my mad scramble to get the device out of my pocket. The device itself was odd, a small rectangular thing made up of multi coloured buttons, that’s it, no screen, no way to read messages, pretty much useless to you unless you knew the trick, and few did. Shaking hands withdrew the object as I braced myself, whatever this was…I just knew it was bad news, how? Beats me, but something was clawing at me, this intent feeling of wrongness. I swallowed hard and opened my mind to the message the seemingly useless device was transmitting…….

……And froze. Horrified ocean blue eyes widening and lifting to look at James, who was still obliviously asleep. No no no…this couldn’t be happening, I was supposed to….supposed to protect them…protect him. I shook my head several times hoping to dislodge or change the projected message, but no matter what I did those words still resided there.


Zachary was…..


The horror gave way to shock, I sat stupeified, unable to think, unable to comprehend, no….no…it wasn’t supposed to happen like that. He…He was supposed to die, not Zach…that was when I felt it, the clawing sensation, the welling up of utter blackness as fury swift and strong rose within me. Word’s reverbrated through my mind, a dark promise uttered with complete sincerity. If He doesn’t kill you…I will. Yes….that darker part of me, that reminant of “her” seemed to purr, I’d meant those words when I said them…and a promise was a promise. The rage bubbled up, consuming all rational thoughts, all that I could see, all that I could feel was the fierce need to kill. To destroy….”Watch out Relina Vickers….I’m coming for you.” Those words slipped past my lips in a darkly seductive purr, nothing like my usual carefully controlled tone, or my playfully sarcastic one, nothing that was common to me, the only thing that was certain in my mind was: I was going after Relina….and only one of us was walking away.

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