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Shut up and listen.

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Fun facts.

Hoani tends to have an obsession for sweets. His favorite is cherry lollipops.

He is quick to judge people, but his opinions change frequently.

The only sweet foods he dislikes is marshmallows and candy floss.

His star sign is Gemini.

Even though he is a lazy person, his house is rather clean.

Believe it or not, Hoani does not care for his appearance as much as he pretends to.

He holds no interest in infants, but seems to get along well with young children between ages of 5-12

He was envied by a classmate in his human years because of his good grades despite his lack of interest in learning. (He spent most of his time sleeping in all classes and arguing with teachers.) While his friend tried their hardest yet still didn’t manage to get better grades than Hoani.

He dislikes it when people offer to help him out with his problems.

He is easily bored which makes it hard to keep his attention.

It seems the older he gets, the more childish he becomes.

He owns stuffed animals from his human past which he refuses to throw away.

He sometimes talks in his sleep incoherently.

He is a useless cook who tends to burn kitchens down. So he prefers to only make himself cereal.

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