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Siccy and explination of Old World

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Yes Sic is a pretty powerful being to the point that he seems like a very unfair thing to fight in battle but keep a few things in mind is that Sic along with a few of my other alts are Old World Style RP character

ill explain

Old World Roleplay had two styles, T-1 and normal Multi-Para Roleplay. This is also known as the Honor System of the roleplaying styles as well. Each character had to have their own profiles which could be easily accessed and were often exchanged before any combat was challenged. Today, most roleplayers online consider this a form of god-modding. Why is this? Because in Old-World or Old-Style, the longer a character lives, the more powerful they become naturally.

The original term for god-modding is the act of being impervious, immortal, and never being able to hit your opponent even though they should have taken the hit. The original term for modding is using an ability your character does not have listed on its profile. The Novella style was very strict about your character having a profile before joining their gaming. They were also strict about starting the character from it’s very base and over time acquire the skills and powers. Those that did not were often sluffed off as amateurs or immature.

Thus it was also called the Honor System. With a profile, cheating was near impossible. At any given moment, it had to be pulled up and given to the moderators to judge rather a hit was supposed to be taken or if it were even legal. If it was to be taken, then the one that made the error had to redo their post and go from there. If the person was found to be able to dodge or block, the sparring or fight would continue as though the call had never been made. If a character is killed, the player had the option of creating a new character and returning to the game, but it had to be played differently as well.

It was not uncommon for an Old-World roleplayer to burn through half a dozen characters in a short time. Those that made it past the 5 year age, were deemed advanced, past the 10 year were veterans. It is very rare to come across a veteran Old-Style roleplayer in the world of the many different styles of gaming, but if you find one, really pay attention. You will notice that there is a huge difference in how they act, play, and combat. Veterans of this style are some of the strongest fighters you will come across in any style and they are often proud to claim their status.

NPC (Non-Player Characters) not only enhanced the gaming experience but also allowed a more engaging experience for the players. The NPCs were often controlled by the GM or Game Master. However, it was not uncommon for a character to start with an NPC doing something to their own character as an entrance. NPCs could also help a Player Character (PC) with gaining abilities, power, strength, or other training benefits as well.

 Think of the Old-World style as something like a sword. You start with the basic materials and over time, it becomes malleable, forged in combat and years of roleplaying, refined through combat, and sharpened and polished with time. By the time the character reaches their peak, as stated above, they are some of the most powerful characters around.

Another thing to remember about Old-World players is that they are not afraid to take a person or two under their wing and help them build their characters as well. They will literally be some of the most loyal teachers and friends that you can have so long as you respect them. This does not mean you have to kiss up and such an act often annoys the person teaching. 

With what stated above Siccy is over 20 years old. He earned his power through 20 years of RP plot Lore and RP with other players and Dmed event from other sites other this here. He earned that and he did not start out with it.

hope that clears thing up.


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