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Sierra’s Denial-Introduction

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There was once a time where Sierra and Myles weren’t at eachothers throats, however it was a long time ago

Growing up the two were inseparable, best friends in there childhood, having eachother’s back however, time would only tell how these two would work together

There friendship would survive for 8 years until there mother passed away sometime after Myles’ 8th Birthday

For a year they’d stick together before Myles would be kidnapped by his god mother, whilst Sierra would try and protect her father, blind to his rage and terrorism

After Sierra broke the news to her father, they’d go on a recuse mission to retrieve Myles from his corrupt God Mother

There Reunification would be temporary as they’d be pushed through the Trials Of The Mind and Inner Demons by a man by the name of Fyzenguard

Sierra and Myles would start to go against eachother as Myles would angered by his father breaking the honor of marriage code within his family clan, Sierra thought that her father should be allowed to remarry

This is when Myles would decide that he should take Fyzenguard up on his offer to be his student and during this time he’d live in a Secret Snow Tower and under the care of his Maid, Aya, whilst Sierra would start going out with Cassindra and live with her father in his cabin

At the age of 15, Myles would begin dating Amara Chirstina and in March, they would prepare to take out Silver Hrro, Myles’ Dad, Amara and Myles would fight valiantly to rid the world of this corrupt man who failed his children

Following this, the whole family would turn on Myles because of Sierra’s words and Silver’s accusations against Amara for turning Myles against him.

However only a few people didn’t turn on Myles, which were, Charlotte, Aila and Alyssa, whilst Alyssa would protect her mother from Myles trying to take her out, this only meant that she was investigating

This only would cause the family to tear more with Alyssa protecting her little brother and telling him to just stay put at Amara’s

A/N:I know it seems sloppy and stuff, but this my part one for Sierra’s Denial Mini Arc, I am also trying to do this in chroniclogical order however I also would like to thank some people for assisting with this mini arc, Fyzenguard, @cimmanon-roll , @arielthornson , @Kelsey-Nagihira1211 , @silverblake


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