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Sierra’s Letters-Part Two

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Author’s Reminder:Part One is on My Main Account:Abigail Angelang.So if your wondering why this is part 2 the answer will be in that Archive

Author’s Warning:This Story contains references to Coping with Anger Issues & Jealousy 

~Letter To My Family In Hagistead~

Dear whom ever is reading,

I need help with teaching Myles how to cope with his Anger issues and I know Alyssa,you will tell me you are busy but I need your help.

Everytime I bring Myles to the inn,He either wants to see Dad or someone picks a fight with us.

How many believe Demons are bad..but if we don’t do something soon,Myles will turn into his Grandfather from Both Sides.

I hope any of my family reading this,will find it in there Heart to help before it’s too late..

Best Regards,

-Sierra Rachel

~Letter To Xavier~

Dear Xavier,

Hey I hope this letter finds you at a good time,cause Myles..needs you..Dad is neglecting the Fatherly Attention to him he needs..I keep trying to tell him he’ll be alright..but deep down i can feel he’s losing Hope in my words..

I may have found him a mother figure,I think he needs Alyssa as a Mentor and you till I find him a Thearbist which deals with this kind of thing and A Teacher to help him through this

Thanks Buddy,

-Sierra Rachel


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