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Sierra’s Letters

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Dear Alyssa,

I’m sorry I must go..don’t come after me.. I’m going to find a new family..

I’m sorry but I’ll be back in 7yrs..There is no place for me in the Clan.As I’m the Only one who will remember who our Father is.

I am The Goddess Of Souls and Rebirth, I have to take our Father’s Legacy onto myself and please keep Mom’s Blade Safe

-Sierra Hakisuru

Dear Xavier,

I’m gonna find Markus,I hope you have a good next 7yrs with Krystal.

And if you see Cherry,tell her that I will be always watching for her safety and don’t come after me

-Sierra Hakisuru

“If you have a Broken Life,Take everything and move on” -Sierra Hakisuru 20XX


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