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Silver’s final chapter

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Before you read this please listen to the song included in this story post, it’s just a request you don’t have to i used it to set the mood i couldn’t find anything else.





After silver had left a note addressed to Ruby Blood fang he left to lose all he had left his freedom, he requested everyone who knew him to forget him the other demon god’s granted his request and remove Silver from everyone’s memories, Silver will no longer return to the inn to say hi or raise his blade he has been broken from all memories involving him the last memory anyone would have is his death from insanity so from now on silver will be locked away in jail within the deepest darkest part of hell to never harm anyone ever again just so he may fix his problem’s and serve his life sentence for breaking demon god rules and killing a demon god himself. (good luck to everyone who had problem’s with me you now won’t have anything to do with me

  1. Mikeala Wolf 7 months ago

    New Story Shall Begin,My Friend

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