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Silver’s Journal

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*All the pages except four were scorched*

Journal Entry #1 Date XX/XX/XXXX
     The demon war’s have been a ravage to me I have earned a new scar on my arm, sadly my father has grown stronger but… oh well it will give me more strength like any injury I get without dying, my father is in need of my assistance I will have to end this entry for now.

Journal Entry #7 Date XX/XX/XXXX
     We grow closer to defeat and I grow closer to killing my father and ending this war… I just hope I can get back in time for my daughter’s wedding, if I survive I will post these journal entries, I will end this journal entry now my father is about to get into a fight.

Journal Entry #13 date XX/XX/XXXX
     We are close to ending the war, I found out there will be one more war before my dad will be killed, I will come home to see my family before I met my near inevitable death by my father’s hand’s… I have to save the world by killing my father and I am the only one who can kill my father due to my bloodline, I will end this Entry here.

Journal Entry #25 date XX/XX/XXXX
     I grow closer to killing Hrro, one more war till i can kill him, and when i get my chance i will take it unlike my brother who can’t fight i will end this Entry now


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