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Sip the poison

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“Eletta… you can’t mean..” The voice bored Elette as she sat at the ice table in front of her with her boots propped up on it. Thin six inch heels hacking at the ice. She was bored, it was clear in those dark eyes as she looked up the man.

He was Citron and he was captain of another group of assassins. After graduated, Elette had rose through the ranks and in a few short years, she had secured her spot as the leader of the elite group for the Winter Court. The ones that were sent to make sure no blood would be traced back to delicate fingers. He was below her. They all were below her.

He paused in his words under her gaze and snapped his mouth shut which caused those little fangs of his to rattle. He was getting old, and now he had the nerve to speak to her of such?

I mean exactly as I say, you know we can not lie. Do you see me bleeding for such?” Her voice came out velvety smooth as one foot was taken from the table and then the other. Slowly, she rose herself to the height of five foot ten. Her cold gaze locked on him.

He was mumbled now, pathetic like. He was trying speak but words were caught in his throat. He knew there was something off about Elette. There had always been. As she moved towards him, he took up a defensive position. The slight shift of tensing, his hand coming to his side where his dagger was.

She paused in her steps, watching the other fae. He was starting to sweat. Those plump black lips of hers pulled up into a smile. About ten feet away, she stopped and her hands clasped in front of her.

I take it that you object to what I am doing…?” She said simply enough. Delay. Just delay.

Of course I do, you shouldn’t even be considering t…” and his words cut off. The sweat was pooling down the sides of his face then and dripping on the floor. With each drip, they got more and more red. She had been watching the process.

Hm? What was that?” She asked, now taking a step forward within his striking range and cupping his chin in her hand. He was growing weaker and weaker. Blood began to seep from his nose and his eyes.

“Eletta, you can’t…” He choked out, blood splattering against her arm and slightly on the black leather of her vest she was wearing. Her hand stayed where it was. His attention turned towards the goblet they had shared at the start of their conversation. He understood. Poison. His eyes turned back to her and he stared.

She watched the life seep out of them until he went limp and fell from her light touch. She moved a little so he wouldn’t be on her shoes. She liked to keep them neat.

I can… and I shall.” Her eyes shifted up towards Ninetroir. One who had trained and graduated with her. Ruthless, cunning. She respected his skills. She knew he would be silent. She had already taken his vocal chords during their training when he dared question her skills. A nod given to him.

You are captain of this one now. Make sure you do me proud. Take care of the body.” She said before moving over towards him and leaning up to press a kiss on his dark cheek. With that, Elette moved from the room. A hand waved towards one of the other assassins nearby.


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  1. Henri Delcour 5 years ago

    *Adventure. Henri hated that word. He had had more than enough adventures to last a lifetime. He thought back all those years ago to when they had the problem with the witch, then Peitho under the curse. He thought back to when Ville clung to the side of a building, feeling like no one would have cared if he had fallen or not. Yes, Henri had enough adventures to last him. But this was his son, not a dangerous adventure, and for that, Henri was willing to ignore the dark connotations that that word held for him.*

    *He smiled slightly when Juho commented that if he didn’t have a break, he’d go on strike.* Cleaning a counter is no hardship, Juho dear. *Henri responded, inwardly adding that being a mother was never done.*

    *It was true though, in all his talk with Juho about venues, they had not talked about actually visiting them first. Henri had been ready and willing to have his manager prepare the places, but now to find that Juho had already contacted a few and they were expecting him personally…. Henri sighed some.* I can understand you not wanting your father being there, influencing the club managers’ decisions, but I cannot leave without telling your father. Not in good conscience…does your sister know of your wish?

    *Henri could not bear the idea of leaving Ville, it felt like he’d lose Ville even more if he went, but he could also not bear the idea of just allowing Juho to go out of the country completely on his own. Either way, it felt like his family was breaking apart person by person. Aside from that, what about Ville? Henri was under no illusion, he had gone through too many of his meltdowns to not know that the whole family leaving- at this particular time, at that- would break Ville just as much as the knowledge of the affair had broken Henri.* Talk…Talk to your sister first if she does not know of your wish already.

  2. Dominick Taylor 5 years ago

    The moment Eletta has you in her sights?

    You are already dead.

    [ Wonderful read! Thank you! ]

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