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I look out at the ocean of lights rolling like waves in a never ending current that takes me away to an unforgiving paradise.

My own light was fading; flickering to keep life and stay aglow. 

I see a child, lost in the sea. She wales for Her mother while bearing the harsh waves.

Crash after crash she holds Her ears because the noise is too loud.

She cannot hear Her mother’s cry for Her because She alone is the one making the noise.

I watch a police man wandering along the coast, watching the ocean roll away and on wards.

It keeps moving slow but steadily while he stands, watching the waves come and go. 

He stands at attention, like ordered to because he protects and serves his country every day.

Little by little.

In his eyes, he is a simple man.

In mine, he it mighty.

I sit.

I sit in the place I’ve sat since I learned I had a year to live, and I watch the ocean come and go.

Sometimes, I feel like the child- screaming for help, yet my voice is too loud for me to hear when help is being given.

And sometimes, I feel like the police man.

So very little in a vast universe yet I am admired by my strength while I sit here, drinking my coffee, and watching the world pass me by, dying in my skyscraper.

  1. Memphis Down 4 years ago

    This was brilliant and beautiful.

  2. Allegra Gliss 3 years ago

    One left. There was one left….and yet….

    A weak snarl escaped her, to be honest right then she wouldn’t have been able to say if it was at him or herself. Her grip tightened on the jagged metal in her hand, and in an instant, she whipped it with vicious efficiency and force, lodging deep with in ground near Jack’s foot. He stayed calm. No threat, he wasn’t a threat. The knife she had been holding slid from her grasp and Allegra sank to her knees. After a moment, she reached up and pulled the earmic from behind her ear so the only sound she heard were Jack’s words and her own labored breathing.

    “Tadaima… I am here.” She told him in between deep breaths, her muscles still quivering form the effects of the haze and the sedative. She reached a shaky hand out towards Jack and used his help to stand up again, surveying their handy work. 

    “These violent delights have violent ends.” She said softly. It had been a while since she killed humans. In the few remaining wild places on Earth, her only enemies had been Seraphs and nature. There was a trail of carnage, she had used a bloody brush to paint a sinister swatch of gore across the landscape. A long sigh escaped her lips, “Couldn’t have happened to nicer bunch of guys…” Allegra quipped sarcastically, turning away to face Jack once more.

    She reached out to lean on him, but paused when she saw how much blood was covering her arms and then retreated. She was a mess and judging from the hints of true pain that were starting to come through, some of it was hers. With a sigh she moved over to the nearest vehicle, pulling the driver with the slit throat out to take his seat and begin to pull the windshield glass out of her hand.

    “Alright, I’m sitting down and I’m listening, so… let’s hear your thoughts before my body quits on us and I end up needing to be carried home.” She was watching speculatively out of her peripherals as she pulled out the glass.


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