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Drip… Drip…. Drip. Blood, so much blood, it was in her hair, her eyes, her clothes, running over her skin and from where her fingers were once, dripping from every point where it could run down to the ground. Freya couldn’t feel any pain no matter how stiff her muscles were or how hard it was to just turn her head, lift an arm, speak. Her body would have been screaming at her to rest, but she felt nothing, how did this all happen? Where did it all start? Oh, right…. With a WHACK!


Freya didn’t know who, she didn’t even see them, nor did she know what they knew about her, how did they know her? Freya was just minding her own business, walking down a street and the last thing she saw was a van pulling up near her and what confused her most is that it didn’t seem to have any plates on it, that was sus but before it even stopped beside her, there was a pain in the back of her head as if from a sudden impact, then darkness consumed her vision.


Once she regained consciousness there was a soft beeping like that of a heart monitor her eyes opened the room was awfully bright, too bright almost like she was staring right into the sun, as her sight adjusted could see that the room was white all over from the walls to the white tiles on the floor. It looked like a surgical room, was she in a hospital, she soon noticed she was stabbed in the arm with a needle, this was all so confusing. Turning her head she noticed her arms pinned down having her arms out stretched, her feet were slightly apart as she was in a standing position. She gave a good tug on the metal cuffs and grunts slightly knowing she would cause herself some harm should she try to force her hands out. The door opens an a group of people start to walk into the room, she looks up and notices some cameras before her focus is brought back to the people. They were all in surgical gowns but it was obvious that some were doctors and others were nurses.


“What? Who are you?” She asked, her tone slightly slur and dazed counting out 4 doctors and 5 nurses, muttering between each other, passing tools and notes “what are you going to do to me?”


“Silence Freya,” replied a doctor “bring them in now” a few trays were pushed into the room, the wheels squeaked as the table shook softly when pushed through the door. There looked to be tools or items under the cloth but she couldn’t really tell what they were.


“How do you know my name? what are those?” she tried to focus on the tray before the cloth was pulled back to show many surgical tools, needles, scalpels, syringes, saws, straps. She whimpers at the sight of those torture devices. She wiggled in fear and pulled at her restrains, the heart monitor increased showing her heart was pounding in her chest now “please no don’t, please you don’t know what… what can happen” she begged but they didn’t seem listen as they looked over the items to see how clean or sharp they were.


The doctors all talk to each other, something about subject and extraction, bone marrow and pure sample. A female doctor picks up a syringe and sticks it in the end of the cord where the bag and drip was. The liquid was a slight green tinge to it and Freya couldn’t help but watch it slowly drip down. Once it entered her blood stream she gags slightly as her stomach seemed to do a flip on itself.


“Shall we begin?” came a male voice, Freya looks over to the male doctor as he lifts a drill. She sobs softly as he walks over, he pulls the trigger twice making is spin to life like an idiot in his flashy car trying to show off to girls by revving it. He glances to the other doctors and gets a nod from them before pressing it into her skin and making the drill spin to light.


“NOO NOOO NOOOO!” She screams out in pain and terror as they drilled into her arm above the elbow. Her blood was dribbling out of the insertion and onto the clean white floors, such a contrast between the white tiles and the deep redness from just a single drop of blood, the heart monitor was a continuous loud beeping like an alarm clock. The room went silent to Freya, that sharp ringing sound filled her mind and ears before she could hear voices and the sound of the drill brought her mind back to focus, the pain in her arm, the cracking of her bone as the drill penetrates it and the impatiens in the doctor’s voice.


“Someone shut her up” the doctor spoke calmly as if this has happened before, as if this wasn’t his first procedure. They start to gag her before a nurse pulled out another large needle and injected it into the side of her neck where they kept it and started to pump out some of her blood. Her screams weakened as the blood was being pulled from her head and throat. She cried through the gag as they removed the drill from her and slowly pushed in another syringe and started to extract her bone marrow.


Her hoarse voice screamed one more time before her eyes started to roll into the back of her head and her whole body started to convulse. All the doctors took a step back at the sudden reaction, the heart monitor beeping as she had a seizure, they waited to see if it would stop to avoid making any mistakes which they would not afford for they have never seen a specimen like Freya.


“report” the main doctor calls out,


“she’s stable doctor” a nurse replies when the beeping slows down to a normal pace and her body stills.


“good. Continue” the doctors and nurses all nod their heads as the drill starts back up again. As it starts to penetrate her flesh once more with the syringe her head snaps up causing the people to flinch back. Her eyes were darker than normal, they had lost their glow completely, her skin was deathly white, she had a smile upon her face that made one of the nurse’s shiver while her eyes scan the room.


“my, my, myyyyyy” her voice croaks slowly “what have we here? doctors” Freya chuckles as she sighs rolling her head around, making it crack slightly before looking to the drill “oh so that is how I came to be here, torturing and what is this flooding through my veils? Dampening my powers, how pathetic” she starts to laugh once again as she pulls against the restrains, smiling the all the while.


The doctors stand there watching for a moment till they noticed her wrists bleeding from her tugging, she pulls slightly harder on the restraints before there was a loud crack and her hand flies out towards her chest quickly towards her neck, having dislocated her thumb to free her hand. The doctors rush over to restrain her once again but by then she hand already pulled out the needle in her neck with her other fingers and stabbed a nurse in the eye with it. They were all turning to the nurse as she screamed to get her out of there. Freya removes the needle in the arm with the drip attached to it and sighs deeply with a smile as her blood started cleansing itself, she throws up as a result.


“that is so much better, I can feel my powers returning now”. They all rush over to place her back into her restrains making her chuckle before teleporting behind the tray “over here boys” she calls out in a teasing manner, giving a little wave once the wounded nurse was removed from the room her moans of pain echoed down the hallway. “Shall we begin?” she asked like that male doctor did before starting to drill into her arm. Looking between the doctors and nurse as they all stared at her before eyeing that drill in the doctors hands “we shall”


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