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So Much to Say

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“It isn’t as though I’ve asked for something only a god could give, Iris…” *the note begins as she runs her fingers over the raised dots to read.* It’s from Kya again. My heart goes out to her, it really does. To do her job *sighs* well, that is a fate I would never want. I miss seeing her in the Tavern but things have become too hard to meet up with her there. So, we’ve taken to passing notes, like school children between classes, or so I’ve been told that’s some times how it goes.

I’ve heard things from Kya that are worrying but I don’t know what to do about it. The water oracle is only helpful every now and again even though she’s with me always. I don’t know anymore if it is because she can no longer leave me or if she stays because she wishes to watch over me.

Devek being back has both been good and confusing. I’ve missed him and I love him still. But, I fear losing him again. He’s been rather faithful and has kept all his promises so far but…there is always that part of me that worries that Devek will just disappear like before. Leaving me with the children all alone again. *wipes at her unseeing eyes even though no tears are there.* I’ve cried so much over Devek and his passing, being strong for the children, especially the twins. It’s good to see them able to get a chance to know their father. And, yes…I worry that the children will be hurt worse this time if Devek disappears again but I couldn’t keep him away from them either, it wouldn’t be fair.

I keep thinking on so many things that have happened. Me finally able to stop running and killing the man that had hunted and tormented me for s long. Making friends with the amazing people at the tavern, helping through the tough times, and marring Devek. Getting step-children that I don’t like to think of as anything but my own. Dying and coming back again, losing Devek and having two beautiful twins. *sighs*

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