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Solomon’s Demons

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Since becoming the Lord of Demons, Solomon has gained dominion over legions of them, greater and lesser. However the Thirteen God first sent to destroy him are the ones he is bonded to the deepest, and the one’s who’s powers he calls upon the most. At his current level he is able to maintain connection with up to three of the thirteen at once, four if you count Romulus, with enough mastery of their abilities to use them in tandem. As time passes, however, his power and control grow stronger.


Pan – King Of Lust, Devil Of Reproduction:  Embodies within Solomon the ability to reproduce himself on a cellular level sexually or Asexually.  While these reproductions of himself do not hold his power over greater demons, they are able to control up to three mid to lower level demons, or one high level demon, and possess all of his raw physical prowess.  Side effects include high level seduction, charm, and pheromone control.  The ability to reproduce his cells at such an accelerated rate that even should his body be destroyed, as long as a single cell survives he will reform.  He can also control every cell in his body, allowing him to leave cells, or parts of him dormant and hidden to reform himself should his main body be completely destroyed.
Leviathan – Queen Of The Deep, Devil Of The Abyss:  Embodies within Solomon power over water and shadow, giving him the ability to manipulate or change his body into either.  Side effects include instantaneous transportation through both water and shadow, or any liquid that holds water in it.  His body can withstand almost any kind of physical pressure, and he can see perfectly in pitch black darkness.
Gaius – King of Calamity, Devil Of Fortune:  Embodies within Solomon power over probability.  His power and control over such is strongest when it directly involves himself, making things go his way in almost any situation he has a direct hand in.  He also holds some control over the probability of those in his direct vicinity, effecting their luck for better or worse.  Side effects include good luck, even when he’s not focusing on the power, as well as passing that luck on to those he has a close bond with.
Bazrael – Queen Of Destruction, Devil Of Obliteration:  Embodies within Solomon the ability to detonate almost any matter on a subatomic level, as well as control over fire and heat, including changing his body into flame.  Side effects include the ability to withstand any heat or explosion, and the ability to absorb kinetic energy and channel it to make his body, and abilities stronger.
Morphia – Queen of Dreams, Devil Of Psychosis:  Embodies within Solomon the power to walk and control the dreamworld, manifesting items and objects from that world temporarily in the real world. He is also afforded an array of mental powers including Telekinesis, Psychokinesis, Mind reading, Telepathy, Mind Control, and the manifestation of other’s dreams and nightmares.  Side effects include photographic memory and total recollection.
Bruticus – King of War, Devil Of Conflict:  Embodies within Solomon the ability to create any kind of weapon he can think of out of almost nothing.  Any weapon he touches he automatically masters. Once acting as a fake Patron God of War in order to claim countless warrior souls, Bruticus also allows Solomon to recall the abilities, reflexes, knowledge, talent, and skills of all the warriors who’s soul Bruticus devoured.   Side effects include photographic reflexes.
Tiamat – King Of The Sky, Devil Of The Storm: Embodies within Solomon control of the winds, and atmospheric pressure.  His body can become the wind and travel anywhere air can.  He can also control the temperature of the air, creating various weather effects in the process.  Side effects include flight, and sucking the breath out of living creatures.
Geist– King of Beasts, Devil Of The Wild:  Embodies within Solomon control over the beasts of the earth, from animals to insects [though not humans].  He is able to communicate with and command them, as well as take on their properties and characteristics such as heightened strength, intelligence, and senses.
Romulus– King Of Null, Devil Of The Void: Embodies within Solomon high immunity to the manipulation of foreign energies, be them magical, mental, celestial, elemental, natural, or unnatural, though he is susceptible to energy from high level sources.  Because of his almost brotherly bond with Romulus, this ability is always active.
Limbada– Queen Of Change, Devil Of Transformation:  Embodies within Solomon material conversion, or the ability to convert matter into energy, and energy into matter.  Side effects include a mastery over the art of alchemy.
Garuda– Queen of The Dead – Devil Of The Underworld:  Embodies within Solomon the power of high necromancy, including reanimating the dead, manipulation of dead souls, absorption and manipulation of death energies, and death magic.  Side effects include free travel through the underworld, as well as knowing when death is near for anyone around him.
Elliahs– King Of Pestilence – Devil Of The Plague:  Embodies within Solomon the power to create and cultivate any physical, mental, or spiritual sickness, ailment, or disease, including his own from scratch.  Side effects include immunity to any sickness, ailment, or disease, as well as the ability to heal, and,or make anyone immune to them.
Fuchsia– Queen Of The Earth – Devil Of Nature:  Embodies within Solomon the power to control earth and nature, including willing natural disasters into existence, manipulating earthen soils and minerals as well as any plants, as well as changing his body into them.  Side effects include invulnerability due to nearly indestructible physical continuance.
Lucifera – Queen Of Hell – THE Devil: An unofficial 14th demon, Luci is not held under Solomon’s dominion, but is instead a partner and companion, joining him on his quest after meeting her in an alternate hell.  Being more powerful than all of his 13 main demons alone, she lends Solomon her power whenever she deems fit to do so.
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