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Some Chill Writing Words.

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Okay Hi! Monika here.. Uh. Okay. So here’s just a hoard of random words for random things- Have fun!

Acosmsist- Someone who belives nothing is real, or nothing exists.

Paralain- A person who lives by the sea

Aureate- The way poets string their words together in a rhythmical way.

Dwale- To wander around derliously 

Sabaism- To worship thy stars *Snigger* What am I doing?

Aubade- A love song sung at dawn

Eumoirious- A wholsome, joyful feeling (Y’know when you look at cute dancing birds, or cute dogs, or getting away with murder? Yeah that feeling)

Prissy- Fussy and tight (So.. royals.)

Mimp- To speak in a prissy manner (ha.)

Sonder- To realize someone has just a tragic life as yours, or even more extrodinary. (For the mortals and normals on Rolepages)

Opia- To look someone in the eye evasively (Like lying but looking in their eyes)

Vellichor- The strange wistfullness of old bookshops (I don’t know why anymore.)

Jouska- A hypothetical conversation or arguement you play in you head

Kenopsia- The eerie feeling of a bustling place that is now silent and empty (So basically when chat is dead.)

Chrysalism- The calm feeling of being inside on a thunderstorm 

Ellipism- The mourning of knowing you will never see how history will turn out.

Adronitis- Frustration for how long it takes to bond with someone

Liberosis- The longing to care less about things.

Eros- Stereotypical romance (So long walks and moonlight wishes, and red boquets. Yeah that)

Ludus- Love played like a game of sport.

Whew! Okay.. That was a mess, hopefully you found something useful! And until I do this again, farewell! 


    1. Author
      Monika 1 year ago

      If you’ve got anymore suggestions, leave em here! In the comments!

    2. Haunted_Trap 1 year ago

      Paralain is me

    3. I used to be an Acosmsist…
      Matrix Style 😛


    4. Gemini 11 months ago

      This place is cool

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