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Some Where You Belong

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Allegra woke up early, just as she always had. One of the many things that made her different from other Constructs was that she could actually sleep. Real, honest to goodness sleep, complete with dreams and all. Other Constructs just entered into a sort of power preserving standby cycle. Dr. Fritz had always been fascinated to hear her dream,  silly as they typically were. The only difference between Allegra and humans when it came to sleep was that she needed less then half of the time to achieve a fully rested state then humans did. 

Rising from the bed, she quickly showered and got dressed, putting on the clothes that Rika had gifted to her. A pair of old, but clean and well taken care of long denim pants and a light weight white button down shirt with long sleeves. She suspected the shirt was a man’s but it didn’t really matter. She tied the shirt so that it would hug her waist as opposed to just hanging down shapelessly. Quickly piling her dark hair up in a messy bun, Allegra headed for the common area of the pub. 

Rika was already up and preparing the morning meal and there was a little girl, about age four or five, sitting on a large, old quilt. Allegra hadn’t recalled seeing the girl last night and was surprised when Rika introduced her as her daughter, Marie. She was very surprised the the Seraphs hadn’t taken the girl for one of their youth converts. They had always seemed particularly eager to indoctrinate children.

Accepting the glass of some kind of juice that Rika handed to her with a thank you, Allegra asked if there was anything she could do to help. Rika laughed and shook her head. “I’ve got this all under control, Doll, you don’t have to lift a finger. My husband, Rick, will put you through an aptitude test later today to find where you’ll best fit in with our little community so till then, you just relax.”

Nodding, Allegra watched the other woman work for a few moments, then wandered over to the Music Juke in the corner. “Does this thing work?” She asked Rika.

“It does, but the Seraphs corrupted all the music files and we haven’t be able to fix it. No one has ever thought to smuggle in a music card when being banished here.” Her voice sounded wistful but resigned.

Turning her back to Rika, Allegra used her nail to make a small cut on her inner cheek, and carefully withdraw the data card she had there. She had made sure to smuggle several data caches off world. Everything from her favorite music to her own design plans.

“Well, then this is your luck day, I actually did think to bring a music card….” She inserted the card into the slot and pressed play and the sounds of music filled the cavern, Kenny Loggins Footloose had the effect of making the room feel brighter and happier, it made Allegra smile and Rika was unmistakably over joyed. 

“You like the oldies, huh? Well I can’t fault you there, in the 1980’s they really made some gems.” Rika laughed and Allegra return her smile before going over to sit on the blanket with Marie. 

“Hello there, mind if I keep you company till your Momma has breakfast ready?” She asked the child in a soft voice accompanied by a warm smile. The shy little girl nodded, but didn’t say anything and that was fine by Allegra. She sat with her and began to fold her origami flowers and animals, and it didn’t take long for the little girl to open up and start chatting up a storm, pleading to be allowed to ‘style’ Allegra’s hair. Permission that Allegra happily granted. She enjoyed getting to know children, probably because she’d never gotten the chance to be one herself… But right then, she was happy and almost felt like she could belong in this place with these people. She hoped that Jack would be up soon, she wanted his company again. He made her feel safe and she liked that feeling. She liked him.


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  1. Jack Riley 4 years ago

    “No,” Jack said to Rick, not taking his eyes off the handler.  “It wasn’t the Haze.  Look at her.  If it was the Haze, why’s she on the ground?  Do you know how long it took me to bring her down after a two minute fight with some bandits?  Thirty minutes.  And I put four sedatives in her.  Why’s she on the ground?!”  


    He glared at Rico.  “You did something to her.  If that was just the Haze, you’d be dead, not wounded.  You’re not that good of a handler.  She was moving slow enough, you could have avoided this nick.  You took it on purpose.”


    Jack didn’t know Linus but he appreciated the help when Rico made to run.  Striker made a sound that was half threat, half plea and Jack glanced over his shoulder.  Rika was directing men to bring Allegra to the medical bay.  Jack gave a sharp nod to Striker who was already quivering under Rika’s glare.  “It’s ok,” he said to the boy.  


    It took Jack a moment to register that Linus had collapsed.  Rico bolted and Jack swore.  “You mother–”  Shuriken fairly flew into his fingers.  


    Rico was doing a good job of staying mobile but he was predictable.  He moved in a pattern.  It was hard to move on purpose and NOT move in a pattern.  Jack just had to watch him for a few seconds to figure out what that pattern was.  And once he did ….


    He flung his hands out and shuriken sailed across the field, embedding themselves in Rico’s ankles and calves.  The man tumbled to the ground with a shriek.  Jack picked up the Perdition weapon near the body of the Seraph and went to stand over Rico.  “You’re going to let everybody know what really happened or I’m going to turn you into a human firework.”


  2. Pepper is giggling with joy once again as she watched Tony kissing her hand and then her fingers one at a time. “Do I really taste that good Tony?” She whispered to him with a grin.

    “Hmm.. That would defiantly need some thinking time too. What about the cottage country? A quite get away, not in any big city of course. But also not too far away from civilization.” She has a shine in her eyes as she speaks calmly to Tony about the future plans that will soon happen for them.

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