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Something falls from the sky…

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(Couldn’t get a photo, will be fixed later.. hopefully.) 


A broadcast would come on after the currently scheduled show.


“At about 7:42 in the evening, a streak of light flew across the sky of Consequence, or, fell rather. It was falling in an arc that would place it about a few hundred miles west of the city near the coast in the forest.” Said a Male reporter.


“Further investigation reveals about a ten mile wide diameter of radiation around the crash site. Here in Consequence, I’d recommend not checking things out around the crash site without radiation gear. But, debris has been found throughout the mountains to the west. While I personally think this was a UFO,-” Spoke a female reporter, keeping cut off by the male. “Oh come on, this is a professional broadcast..” “We’ve seen them around here before, what makes you-” “As my coworker was saying, it has not been confirmed if the debris and whatever fell from the sky is connected.” 


The broadcast would end after the rest of the news concluded. 


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