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Space from another view: The first conscious moments of an aspiring, yet drifting space monkey.

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Space from another view:
The first conscious moments of an aspiring, yet drifting space monkey.

Sun, stars and nebulae. Even the planets seemed so bright. Cosmic dust and galaxies in the distance. Belts of sol and belly of hungry void. A missing connection with the mini space station B.A.N.A.N.A. Baboon Astral Novelty And Non-novelty Association. Arnold opened his eyes, as he looked at the sun once more. How long has he been drifting around? Dammit! The life sustaining systems seemed to be able to hold a week. The power saving regime used solar energy to keep the monkey in stasis. How did it end up like this? Inevitably his body spiraled slowly, giving him view of Uranus. He wished to speak bu he couldn’t.

Only Sun, stars and nebulae. Only rings of the nearby planet and it’s lonely moons. With a corner of his eye he saw ships passing, seeking for lands. What was happening, he knew not, but perhaps these last days, he will lead as left in piece and dignified chimp. Damn, how he could go for a fine banana. This life sustaining system was leaving a bitter taste in is mouth. “Uh, uh, ack…” He mouthed a deep and a solemn phrase to himself. Indeed. Being lost in space sucked. It sucked more than the external fluid extraction unit. Which, did suck a lot, since it was it’s task to keep the red hind clean.

Soon, in his head began to sound a peaceful melody. Ave Maria. What a gleeful tune to have in his head in such dire straits. And so, the monkey just drifted alone into the space, witnessing the passing ships time to time, frantically seeking where to land. “Uhhhmmmm…” he pondered, as the small astronaut turned with the inertia. “Banana?” He tried to call out the station B.A.N.A.N.A. No luck. Perhaps he will try again later…


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