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SPECIAL ALERT – January 25, 2010

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There was a tragic occurrence this evening. An altercation between the twins Havoc and Harmony has ended in the deaths of both children. Havoc flew into a Rage because Harmony apparently made some sort of fly by attack on his troops while they were practicing formations, killing three of his men. He followed his sister to the tavern and the two of them fought, with Havoc eventually crushing the spine of his sister and disemboweling her. In true Nyxarian fashion, the children exploded at the moment of their demise, completely leveling both the tavern and the Inn of Worlds next door. Where these buildings once stood there is now a smoking, six hundred foot wide crater in the ground. Earthquakes shook the realm and windows blasted out and shattered as far away as fifteen miles from the epicenter of the explosion. A giant mushroom cloud formed, fiery hot but threaded through with an oily blackness. Ash rained down from the sky, coating everything for miles, and there is not even a pile of debris left where the tavern once stood. Our heroes will have to find a new place to gather, yet again…


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