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(Star Date: 2171), -Admiral Richard Barnett’s Office, Star-fleet Academy Board- Headquarters Office, California (1st Visit)

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Despite Jim Kirk’s, Ambassadorial Placement upon Hellifyno. Kirk’s hesitation remained after his encounter with Emperor Sheev Paplatine.  Lingering internal questions started to riddle Kirk, if maybe he really did: provide information to the enemy? He wasn’t exactly lucid during his internment upon the Death Star. And secondly: The Succubus cut off his arm via the light saber: which would maybe account for those visions of Pike and George? His arm, however: was showing odd signs of growth, despite the damage. Odd. Indeed. Or has the Federation stationed him alone upon this hostile planet, as revenge for his past misdeeds? And were they also trying to put him out to an earlier pasture, by reassigning him and separating him from his primary crew?

Doubting one’s peers within the Federation would never be to Kirk’s advantage. However, the timing of his placement upon Hellifyno was questionable at best. At present, Kirk is wearing his Standard Gray Dress Uniform, while walking through the hallway corridors of Headquarters.  What didn’t alleviate his increasing paranoia? Was the fact that the officers, the ensigns, and the various personnel: took their time to notice Kirk while he made progress through those corridors. Some of them stopped within their tracks, others stared at him with widened eyes, while others showed derision when-ever their eyes may have met one another. News travels fast, doesn’t it Kirk?

Eventually, Kirk met up with Admiral Barnett within the lobby of Headquarters. Barnett is an African-American-male, with broad shoulders, sharp intellect and he stands over six feet tall in height. At present, Barnett is wearing his Admiral Dress Uniform. However, Barnett’s features are showing more of an essence of tight restraint, “Captain James T. Kirk” He says, “…Have you been waiting here long within the lobby area?” 

Kirk turns to face, “Barnett” Then he just as quickly corrects himself, “Admiral Richard Barnett” He smiles, “No. I just got here” Kirk answered, then started the walk towards Barnett’s Office.

However: Barnett is quick to get Kirk out of the lobby, down two winding corridors and directly into his office, which overlooks the San Francisco Harbor.  Although relatively quiet, Barnett gestures Kirk to sit down into one of the office chairs, “Tell me about your new assignment?”

Kirk sat down within the proffered seating arrangement: although Barnett’s question about his assignment was a two pronged sword. “I’m on-planet. I meet with the locales, I help settle disputes, I correct assertions about Star-fleet and I’m generally friendly to those that I encounter”

Barnett was quick to ask, “Does this conflict with your other assignment?” 

“Excuse me, Sir?”

Barnett replies, “Your other assignment? How will you continue to perform your five year mission into the Wild Frontiers of Space? When you’re stationed on a planet? You fought so hard to be a Captain and now you’re letting it get away? What is wrong with you, Kirk? What’s wrong?”

In all honesty, Kirk was not expecting to be grilled about his life choices by Barnett of all people? “I’m happy in my post, Sir. Secondly, I didn’t come here to have my life choices dissected by you”

“Kirk. You’re going to need an ally within the Federation, due to all of those shady whispers of you conspiring with the enemy” Barnett was Blunt. No Filter. “The Death Star” He reminds Kirk.

So it was that again! This eternal fact stands out! That everyone is speaking about his time spent on that Damn Yarn Ball! “So you’re doubting my skills in my new position?” He paused. “You’re poisoning my work for an event that was out of my hands” Kirk stands away from the chair. 

Barnett stands away from his chair as well, “Sit Down Kirk!” His voice booms throughout the office!

Kirk is just as loud, “NO! I WILL NOT SIT DOWN! Ever since I’ve come back here! I’ve had everyone staring at me with their accusing eyes, their hinted allegations at my impropriety to the Federation and all I’ve gotten in return: IS PUSH BACK SINCE I’VE ENLISTED INTO THIS ORGANIZATION” He says, even as his chest rises and falls with each anger filled breath, “I am happy with my post on Hellifyno! I am happy with where I have landed, Barnett!

Barnett quietly states, “I know about Grimes” 

Kirk is silent after Barnett’s words. However, he does not sit down as directed. Mostly, Kirk is digesting the fact that he cannot find allied trust within the Federation. 

“You’re going to need assistance on that planet, Kirk. Access to ships, to transports….That Your New Friend….Won’t Allow” He says, “Did you ever think that you were sent there for ulterior reasons? That maybe the Federation wants to remove you, by sending you to an outpost with little connections to us?” He says, “You went through a traumatic experience, Kirk. They don’t want you in charge of star-ships anymore. They’re wiping their hands clean of you”

All of that made sense for Kirk, whose features were less than proud at this particular moment. Wounded was a tad more accurate, however. “So why am I here in this office today, Barnett?” Yet Barnett, obviously, wasn’t aware of what Section 31 could mean for Kirk to form that alliance, to conquer them from within. Ideas were rampant within Kirk’s mind: He Can Do This!

“Let me be the bridge that you need in order to get your job done” Barnett replies, “Think about it, Kirk. You’ll be ALL alone out there. Only Man left on that planet whose with the Federation” He says, “If you ask me? They left you there for the locales to remove you. If not: others will be tasked”

“Then I’ll take that Risk, Barnett” Kirk confides, “There was always going to be risks, when I was afforded that Captains Rank. When I saved Pike. When I saved The Earth that you’re now standing on Barnett” Kirk is emphatic, “I’m an Ambassador to The Federation” Kirk stipulates, “And since my station is now Hellifyno: then I’m going to make the best of it. With or without your help” 

“Keep me informed, Captain” Barnett says, “I’ll need periodic reports regarding your progress on that planet, Kirk.”

Kirk was noticeably undecided about this arrangement, though his demeanor reverted back to being rather calm. “I’ll be on Hellifyno. If you need to speak to me, however: I would advise against it”

Barnett grinned, “Enjoy your trip back, Kirk”

Till Kirk turned back around and asked, “Why was I not informed that George Kirk and Captain Pike were alive and in enemy hands, Barnett? Answer that for me?”

“The Information was deemed too sensitive” Barnett responded.

“Family is more important to me, Barnett” He says, “I’ll find a way To get George Back. To get Pike Back. And if I’m the only one whose willing to do it? Then so be it. I’m That Guy”

Kirk eventually left Barnett’s office, right out the office door and to the long corridor that awaits him. Most of which is dark, intangible and sometimes flourishing within a burst of light…

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