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starfire&moonlight were looking for a sensi or a master to help us and train us

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we need a master or sensi to help us and train us to become stronge and to help us use our power we dont know our own strangth yet but we are deacated to doing what we are told and we follow all our orders and we do as we are told to do if you ask us to kill some we will do it if you ask us to help we will help so please can some one help us and become our master or are sensi.

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  1. Shiro Ookami 11 years ago

    Well well well…I could be a great help…with me we can. Not only increase your strenght but help fuse your minds making the two of you an almost unbeatable pair and combo… just take my hand and let the “fun” begin *I begin to smile evily the darkness almost showing*

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