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Stating a Request

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She walked down the hall steadily toward the Throne room where the council was waiting. She had spoken with Xenthos (XenTwo) and he had refused. It was his right and for the best. He needed distance from Hyandria; time to find his own answers.  It seems she would be handling this alone. 

She should do it alone.

She entered the Throne Room and waits for the council to rise from their respectful bows. She takes a breath and speaks. not wanting to waste time.

“The Guardian is exercising his right to refuse. Please select three respected individuals to execute the order of punishment.  It will proceed tonight, as the third moon rises. We shall open a temporary gateway for those from Hellifyno who wish to attend to bare witness. Please ensure they have a separate  but equal location to watch.” 

The council listen quietly, three of the five smirking at her words. She doesn’t wait for their response, simply turns and walks away. She goes to her private rooms and waits. 

Waiting is all she had for now…


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