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Still Around

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She didn’t know, she only worried about when the next break down came along. 

Her love was ripped from her, she felt like a part of her was now missing. 

She wasn’t ready, at least not yet, to accept the fact that even though he was gone, he was still there.

She couldn’t know that what she considered her life, was still there. She may have felt broken, beaten, and bruised one too many times; but he hadn’t left her side. 
He promised her that he wouldn’t. 

Eons could have gone and he’d still be there, even if she wasn’t ready to accept him again.

But she still had his help, even if it was for her to get up in the morning.

When she was ready, he’d be there, to accept her wholeheartedly.

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  1. Claire Darcy 8 years ago

    “About me? Why on earth do you want to know more about me? And it’s a long story and probably not nearly as glamourous as you might think…” She says bemused and slightly taken aback. But then she shrugs her shoulders in an elegant lift and fall.

    “Ok, boyo. If that’s what you want to ask about… What specifically are you wondering? I have lived a few lifetimes so you are going to have to get specific.” She reaches out and gently traces her long nails up and down the skin of his throat, Claire wasn’t sure why she was doing this, only that she felt like touching him. Which was odd, but she saw no reason to resist the urge. Coming dawn he’d be back in his world and she would remain in her own.

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