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Story of the Beast and the Raven Haired Beauty.

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There once was a Duke; feral, horrid, and feared.
And a raven haired beauty; daring, gentle, and quick.
She dared to tread loudly upon the stone that was his heart.
She was quick though; too quick!
He couldn’t catch her; couldn’t stop her.
The Duke was left shocked; pale and speechless.
She was left undeterred, she faced the beast!
She trampled him in the wake of her spell.
Fear only lives where it’s allowed.
Hate only lives where it’s allowed.
Encouragement kills fear.
Love exiles hate.
She made him whole again.
She showed him love was possible..
She showed him compassion was possible..
Even the wicked deserve love and absolution.
He married her.
Bedded her.
She blessed him with twins.
The twins grew wild like their love.
Both twins, raven haired beauties like their mother.
The raven haired beauty distanced herself.
Over time it was clear.
One could love a beast.
But the beast couldn’t love back.
She was saddened.
She was sure he was fixed.
She was sure he could love.
Alas, he couldn’t. 
She left.
Her twins waited day in and day out for her.
They cried for her.
She never came.
He waited for her, like a loyal dog.
Day in and day out.
She never came.
He didn’t cry, he became angry.
Typical of an animal..
The Duke changed back..
A more vicious animal than before..
A more dangerous and feral man..
He walked around threatening everything and everyone.. 
He started to neglect the twins…
The youngest cowered in her sisters arms.
The oldest held her close daily.
Protecting her.
Shielding her.
The twins knew better.
They knew why.
They are the spitting image of the raven haired beauty.
They were even walking images of her moral qualities..
The oldest having the overbearing, strong, and stubborn qualities.
The youngest having the sweet, overly generous, and patient qualities..
The twins together aggravated the Duke.
Separately the twins were ‘manageable’ for him..
The Duke, as expected, cast them out.
They were a constant reminder of the raven haired bueaty…
The memories finally too much of a hindrance to the fool who wants to be the best predator..
He stripped them of their names, titles, and rights..
A child always seems to have their mother to protect them.
The raven haired beauty found her twins, she brought them home.
Cleaned them up, restored their tattered souls.
She made them whole again, but one twin..
The youngest, couldn’t adjust to life..
She was too much a beast..
She murdered a boy, by law, she was sent away to reform..
It’s her choice now..
The oldest twin is broken and saddened by her sister’s end..
She hides the pain, running wild and free.
The best way to be.
Wild. And. Free.


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  1. Iaira Delphin 6 years ago

    Lmao that just shows how much attention I pay, I didn’t even remember that.

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