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*In the handwritting of Sasuke Alexanderia Firemist is a journal entry of her feeling. She writes in her native language. This is the translation*

Journal Date: Sept. 5th, 2010.
Subject: Emotional Issues, naturally.
Written By: Sasuke Alexanderia Firemist
Feelings at this moment: Confused.
Word of the Day: Love
I don’t know why I should be writting right now but Naru forced me to so I got to. Operation Psyche is well under way minus the Daloki help, inwhich, scares me by her behavor. I still got to know if she’s pissed at me or something that she saw and heard Zane doing and stuff. That’s where I’m left in the dark, corner of my very own psyche. Does that matter? Very, very much it does. I love two beings, it’s hard to say which should I lean on. I’m sleepy. It’s hard to think while sleepy. Night to all.
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