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Such Pettiness and selfishness

  1. nova 1 month ago

    i agree with you.

  2. SCP-049 1 month ago

    It seems that those that opposed the ideals of him are growing this is less than desirable that’s no matter what happens I shall stand with him

  3. Silver/Silvia 1 month ago

    If you wish to continue with this you may I will not stop you but there will be a time you will need to fight be prepared for that time

  4. Myles Reonaito 1 month ago

    Message To Arom,
    How about you stop crizting people who are trying there best in command,Also Leave My Sister Alone and make peace with her.
    Also we should make Sassy in charge of taking back Persistence,she is the tradelord afterall

  5. Alyssa Hageshi 1 month ago

    Arom we are not a small group nor do we wish to fight with you,If you choose to help Hellifyno and wish to met with me.Please respond to message and take down my private Information.
    Reply with Peace,Not Rumors
    -Alyssa Hageshi

  6. SCP-049 1 month ago

    This man speaks the truth, their is no salvation in fighting nor in words,for what good are words against that which dose not feel,no you have seen where fighting brought us and words,ha no aroma has it right I believe in his words,I just wish more would as well

  7. And so the ghostly Sassy shrugs at the message. It’s really hard to argue with such a thing at times. Brats do get what they want. Since she has no mouth, she cannot give her full thoughts on the message. Cue old timey comedy show music after a goof-up.

  8. Author


    Hello once again survivors. By now you have grown used to my messages to you. It seems your so called leaders and Rogues see fit to play around. The late Trade Lord of what was Persistence…Sassy firemist and a small group of other saw fit to have a little side venture and get ….Well What Sassy wants she gets….though it seems death was the only thing she received in the Yama Hells….How many times will I have to speak out and show you all the procrastination nad selfishness of your leaders and heroes?

    I have also spoken to the Friends of the Goddess Kida …The only ones who seem to even have a remote plan or even willing to do anything …foolish as they may be.. Gilver and Alexandria… They think Hope and dreams and fighting for the good and light will save everyone…That kind words and charismatic speeches will motivate…..This is the end of the Verse itself…it does not feel…it does not discuss….it gives not mercy…My messages may cause fear in some but the wise ones take that fear and turn it into action.

    Morals and good and evil are the same to the Void. it could care less…Even if the methods are evil to the eyes of some must we not do ANYTHING? To keep everything alive? We can argue about semantics when we live through all this and survive…We cannot afford petty good vs evil principles For the good have done horrid things with good intentions. And the evil has done good for selfish reasons…

    Speaking of semantics It seems that there has been a small group that have taken a dislike to my message to Alyssa Hageshi… No..There was no misunderstanding…I knew exactly what i was speaking of.
    The universe can not leave its fayt in the hands of a fourteen year old child whos filled with nothing but dreams.. But that is all I shall speak on that…If her..supporters take issue with my messages and their meanings. They do not fully under stand the Isms I fallow. And they are free to confront me on them. I am not one to shy away from conversation. But I will also not stand by threats. So…if the child and her friends wish to continue waisting time petty broadcasts targeting me with personal bias. Then they have shown thier true nature that rather argue with the man on the screen instead of dealing with the void.

    I am the speaker of US..The We…The One…I am Arom

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