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Sudden Engagement

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Lily was mentally prepping herself in the tavern. She took a shot.. 2 shots.. and got ready. She texts Zoey saying, ‘oi, get down here.. got a surprise for you.’ and with that she prepares.


Zoey’s eyes lower to her phone.. and instantly she had teleported inside. “Alright, what is it?” She asked, somewhat tired. Lily made a small gesture in front of her. Zoey took the small few steps with a small look of curiosity.. Then Lily knelt down and pulled something out of her pocket…
a ring.
RandomCharacter (victor
*Victor would sit there at the bar, drinking his ox blood in that ceramic jar…When suddenly Lily took a knee before Zoey there…Causing Victor to look over…His face still mostly hidden by the shadow of his hood…She was proposing.. .But…To another woman? He hadn’t seen this before…But didn’t think it was bad…Just different…Love was love…Happiness could be found everywhere…Until it dies…He would watch on…Remembering something but not being able to place his mind on it…*
“Well.. guess i got nothin’ else to say..” Zoey breaths out a small exhalation. “Yes, i will absolutely marry you and spend the rest of my life with you.” To which, Lily jumped up and hugged Zoey tight enough to practically kill a bear.
*His breath left him then…His chest grew tight…His throat got sore…And the tears fell…He remembered now…Something his mind forced him to forget…His own marriage…Attempt at Marriage…And the death that followed…The blood on his hands…The people he tried to protect…But failed…He would mutter in between light sobs.*… I”m sorry… *He didn’t want to disturb their moment there…But when these memories hit…They hit him hard…*
Zoey would notice Victor.. she was tempted to stop and comfort him but…. She was too caught up in the moment. The ring slipped on, and one kiss later they were upstairs in their room. Neither of them really knew who really payed any sore of attention, and they wouldn’t find out till later… None the less, This is the first upside for them both. A time where the whole thing with Consequence was ignored.
((this was more of a private RP, come to think of it.. I only really included Victor cause….
IDK. too late to change it now.))

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