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Sufferer’s Years

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Zoey, Lily, and Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio)
9/10 11:29PM
Zoey grimaces at the ashes a moment… All they do is remind her of her failure. Not to mention, her body was still healing. It shows on her arms, which would currently be uncovered. Her Foo Fighters tank top covered the ones on her torso. Those one’s weren’t as bad as her arms, though… Still, for the most part, she’s okay. Her family is okay. Safe. Now, Vietnow is a god damn bunker in the middle of this mess. Nothing gets in or out with out Zoey knowing- No matter where she is. Only person she can think of who CAN slip past the barrier she’s set up would be Desmond… Not that he would unless it’s to inform Vietnow, though…
Desmond Foles
9/10 11:32PM
Speak of the devil, he appears next to Zoey. “You got your ass kicked.” He says, looking at the landscape in front of them.. He sighs, “And as it turns out, so did the area around here… Was The Servant really that powerful?” He turns his eyes to Zoey… His own outfit consists of a red flannel with a white T-shirt, a pair of jeans, and some brown pair of shoes. The look in his eyes would give away why he’s here- He’s here to offer Zoey a way to defeat the Servant. A way to win. It’s something he’s prepared himself. Something he’d willingly do. No matter the cost.
Zoey, Lily, and Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio)
9/10 11:35PM
He might expect her to jump back in surprise, but… She could sense he was coming. So could her other half. Zoey sighs, turning to face him directly. She says, “Yeah. Only reason why he didn’t kill me is ’cause of the other half inside my head scared him off.” She stops a second… She notices the look in his eye… Curious, she asks, “Something wrong?”
Desmond Foles
9/10 11:38PM
He smiles.. “Observant as ever.” He shoves his hands in his jacket pockets… And begins, getting right to the point. “I’ve found a way to kill the Servant… And to keep him dead. We need someone with a higher form of power to let him inside their body… Someone who’s not as strong as him, but willing to give away their power. From there, he’ll be transferred to that persons body.. But not be in complete control. That will take time. He’ll be powerless during that time.” He keeps his eyes on Zoey, expecting she’ll pick up on what he’s throwing out.
Zoey, Lily, and Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio)
9/10 11:41PM
She nods, taking a second to think… “So we’ll be able to beat him..” So who would be willing? Is Desmond suggesting himself? No… She crosses her arms in thought… “Your suggesting yourself, aren’t you?” She then stops for a second… “Also, what will happen to the person who gets possessed?” She now raises her eyes to his. Locking in… Looking for any trace of something she might not like…
Desmond Foles
9/10 11:43PM
He continues… “The person that gets possessed would essentially be a sacrifice, as they’re body would need to be destroyed, in every shape and manor. Damantin might be able to help, if you can get in touch with him.” And now… The part she might not like- well, not like EVEN MORE. “And… Yes, I am suggesting myself. Don’t try to argue.”
Zoey, Lily, and Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio)
9/10 11:46PM
A small breath before she says.. “No. Absolutely not. Desmond, I just got you back. Like, back, back. Not insane, not some psyco trying to kill me..” She sighs… “I got YOU.” She looks up at him… A slight mix of anger and… something… something else… “I got the brother I was separated from back. The one that cared. I’m not losing you again.” Her words are solid- and don’t seem to want to move…
Desmond Foles
9/10 11:49PM
He stays silent a moment… He looks at Zoey, dead in the eye, and says.. “Zoey, it’s either this or I die by my own hand. You pick.” And…. Now it would become clear… “At least give me suicide that’s somewhat honorable.” The expression in his eyes- display every level of seriousness there is. His own psionic energy displays the level of regret he holds- and just how much he wants his own downfall.
Zoey, Lily, and Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio)
9/10 11:59PM
She looks at him- REALLY looks at him. Is this Desmond? Who is this? This isn’t the Desmond she knows, whether it be from her childhood or from the days he had lost his sanity.. She begins wondering how long he’s felt like this.. She also realizes she’s powerless to stop him if he does go to do the deed himself… She sighs… “Fine… I’ll give you an ‘Honorable Suicide’. So long it works….” She sighs, rubbing at her temples… “I’m… I’m going inside… To think.” And.. She’s gone. Leaving Desmond in the plain of ashes.
Desmond Foles
He takes a deep breath in, and a deep breath out… And teleports off himself. He’s admired to one thing, and helped with the other. That’s all he wanted out of this…
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