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Summer’s Meadow

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The wind rustled against the fibers of the grass,my feet can touch the slithers all the tiny creatures made. She sighed and took a deep breath for once admiring the beautiful view. She saw the sun, and felt it warm sensation against my skin. It felt wonderful, it was a nice time just to think. Thinking wasn’t hard for most, but there’s always that one thing that trails your mind. Whether it’s love or life. Life’s love. Both. It’s just the perfect time to enjoy the moment. If it’s something of worry, one might not enjoy it- but take the time for once to look at the view, and thank the time and effort. I stopped speaking of the lovely view for a moment and just thought about what was part of me, what was coming of her life. I then stopped, before ,y mind was filled with future worries and closing her eyes at the experience.

We won’t run, and we won’t run…”

“I’m a Lion heart…”

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  1. Raiden Seiji 9 years ago

    She was sitting by the window when he returned.  He almost did a double-take at the change in her appearance.  The bath and the sunlight served her well.  Her hair shone and cupped her face attractively.  He skin gleamed and even her ruined wings were spotless and white again.  She was almost pretty.  He noted the book in her hand and nodded in satisfaction.  “I was going to make you read it had you not chose to do so on your own.  It pleases me you took the initiative to further your knowledge of your new home.”  He held out his hand to her.  “I have a reward for you,” he said smoothly. 


    He waited patiently through her hesitation and then wrapped his long fingers around her tiny ones when she finally complied.  He held her hand gently and tenderly as they walked through the halls.  Servants were lighting candles and lanterns as dusk began to descend.  Gemini followed a short distance behind, hissing in annoyance at her presence.  Finally, Raiden glanced over his shoulder and gave a single sharp hiss and a scathing look and they quieted.  “They’re young,” Raiden said by way of apology.  “And jealous,” he added with the hint of a grin.  Who exactly he was baiting, he himself didn’t even know nor did he care.  Gemini had a habit of being too possessive and he was often forced to remind them of their place.  A task which a wicked side of him relished, watching them whine and hiss and writhe in agony.  Why it pleased him so much, he didn’t know.  He admitted that he was probably a narcissistic sadist and he was alright with that.  He was an archangel; it didn’t mean he was perfect.


    They reached the enormous French doors that led to the courtyard gardens.  Completely enclosed by a wall of vines and hedges, there was no way for her to escape.  He could have let her come alone and at some point he might.  Right now, too much time alone only allowed her memories to reform and ideas to foster.  Lifting her hand to his lips, he brushed his mouth against her soft skin.  “Our great outdoors,” he said suavely.  “Walk with me,” he commanded. 

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