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In battle, Sora can call upon his friends from other worlds to help aid him. Each Summon is unique in how it battles and how each of them help Sora.


Simba appears as a Summon, using an attack called Proud Roar where Sora charges up the roar and fires off a powerful attack. Sora obtains Simba’s Summon Gem from Leon who used it as his lucky charm.


Sora summons Tinkerbell to help Sora replenish his health in the middle of a battle. Peter Pan gives Tinkerbell to Sora to look after after they rescued Wendy from Captain Hook.


A young deer, son of the great stag who rules the forest. He prances around and gives you items. The more foes Sora defeats, the better the items become. The type of items he gives varies depending on the area.


Sora summons Genie in the use of different types of magic. Genie is obtained after completing Agrabah and travels with Sora on his adventures to different worlds.


When Dumbo is summoned, Sora rides on his back as floats through the air, spraying water on his enemies. Sora obtains Dumbo’s summon gem within Monstro.


When Mushu is summoned, he stands on top of Sora’s head and spits hot fire at his opponents while Sora is attacking. Sora obtains Mushu’s summon gem after defeating Maleficent in her dragon form.


When Stitch is summoned, Stitch plays on his Ukulele and Sora plays on his Keyblade to to attack his opponents with sound waves. Sora obtains Stitch in Ansem’s Study.


Chicken Little

When Chicken Little is summoned, Sora and him throw eggs at his opponents. Sora obtains Chicken Little after Merlin explains Pooh’s story book to him in Hollow Bastion.

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