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Sunniva Hylen Info Sheet

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Sunniva Hylen



Scandinavian form of the Old English name Sunngifu, which meant “sun gift” from the Old English elements sunne “sun” and giefu “gift”.



(Norwegian) According to legend, Sunniva was the heir of an Irish kingdom, but had to flee when a heathen king, who wanted to marry her, invaded. At the Norwegian island of Selja, in the present-day municipality of Selje, she and her followers took refuge in a cave. The locals suspected the foreigners of stealing their sheep, and the ruler Håkon Jarl was sent for. Sunniva and her followers prayed to God that they should not fall into the hands of the heathens, upon which rocks fell down blocking the entrance to the cave.

Sunniva and the others died in the cave, but in the years to come miracles were reported on the island. When the Christian king Olaf Tryggvason excavated the cave in 996, the body of Sunniva was found intact. Later a Benedictine monastery, Selje Abbey, was built on the site, the ruins of which can still be seen



Her parents nicknamed her Sunny, she finds it a bit silly but it works.














January 23rd


Manner of Birth:



Any Complications?:

She was born with very sensitive senses; the snap of your fingers would sound like a gunshot, unnatural light was blinding, and being held was almost unbearable.



Her senses dulled to normal standards in two months.





Norwegian forest



Ellicott City, Maryland


First Memory:

Copper hair falling onto her face before being nose to nose with her smiling and crying mother



Sunny’s parents raised her in the mountainous regions of Norway. Her first word was “sky.” That’s where she got her nickname from. Things were as normal as things could be in the isolated lifestyle the family chose until she was two and three quarters. Sunny disappeared in the night and was found standing on water looking up at the stars. After that the girl began experiencing violent migraines to the point where she bled from her ears and eyes while things in close proximity of her would float up and be flung in random directions.

Before she turned three, her parents decided to see a doctor while keeping her abilities a secret. She was prescribed a medication but she wouldn’t be able to take it until she was older and still showed the symptoms. Until then, they moved to America attempting to give their daughter a more liberal life and seek ways to help their child supress the pain.

When they settled in Ellicott, Maryland, Sunny became much calmer and her strange affliction gone.


Childhood: When first introduced to a more sociable lifestyle, she showed signs of being introverted. However, by the time she entered kindergarten, her symptoms seemed to disappear. Her first year of middle school however took a step back in progress. She began experiencing migraines again by eleven. Thankfully the medication was there so it surpressed it.


Teenage Years:

By the end of her eighth grade year, an incident occured. Sunny was peer pressured into sneaking out at night around halloween to do a test of courage, the area known for supernatural rumors. Locked in an old musuem, Sunny spent the night there however it didn’t go smoothly. Needless to say, her high school life was lively because of more rumors but she was able to graduate and move out.




Significant other:




All 2-D


Past lovers:

Chandler Steen, a rebel teen who had started a band and invited Sunny in as a vocalist. They were just high schoolers in your typical high school relationship. It all fell apart when he discovered Sunny’s secret after pressuring her into getting more intimate. She accidently hospitalized him and by some weird coincidence, he experienced memory loss and couldn’t anything, not even their relationship. He still had memories of his family and some friends though.


Are they faithful?:

It’s against Sunny’s morals to cheat and even if it wasn’t, she is in no way confident enough to think she could get around like that.




Currently works as an independent artist, having her own online shop, and reliable commissioners. She’s also works part time in a coffee shop. Sunny is saving up for college and hopefully university but she still has a long way to go. She somewhat just going with the flow of life.


Years working as the latter?:

She only recently started up her small business, ‘Bright Pen Studios.’ However, she’s been working at the same coffee shop since her Junior year in high school.


Skill Level:

Sunny is much better at making small pastries than she does making coffee. The coffee shop has a special dish nicknamed the “Sunny Special” which is basically just a plate of pineapple tarts which is Sunny’s specialty to go with your choice of coffee.



Along with baking pastries, there’s a rotation system of taking out the trash, cleaning the kitchen, and opening and locking up the shop.





– Pastries

– Winter

– Art; traditional and digital such as music and dancing or paintings

– Star gazing

– Hiking

– Browsing the internet



– Excessive skinship; it makes her uncomfortable or just really embarrassed

– Seventy degree weather and hotter

– Swimming

– Closeminded people

– Jokes that connect her with the movie Brave

– Science subjects





Salads; “they’re light and depending on what you put in them, you can get a very well rounded meal in one.”



Iced Vanilla Latte



Pineapple tart



Nothing in particular


TV Show-

Nothing in particular



The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series



Nothing in particular



Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood



Imagine Dragons





Visual Artist-

Michelle Czajkowski



gold by EDEN


Work of Visual Art-

Freshness of Cold by Leonid Afremov





Nothing in particular



Green tea






Nothing in particular





A bit sarcastic but generally well rounded.



Goes with the flow of most things unless against her morals.


Outlook on life:

You’ll find the negative in things if you’re looking for it.


Mental Disorders:










Sharp, wears colored contacts though.





Physical Disorders:



LIKELY SCENARIOS (For Author only)


1.Your Character is walking through the school and a bully approaches. He is a master with verbal words and is strong and tends to inflict both emotional and physical pain. What does your Character do?

Sunny remains quiet through the whole ordeal. She endures the hurtful words and painful pushes and flicks. “Witch…soulless…weirdo…pathetic;” these words echo in the halls as well as her mind. It was nothing new and those who tried to speak up were easily quieted with their tails tucked between their legs. It wouldn’t be until the final push against a locker and her things falling to the floor along with herself that the bully would feel satisfied.

He’d stand over her with a smirk only for it to fade as Sunny slowly lifted herself back up. With her head down and her back against the locker.

“Are you done?” The simple question came off as cold as ice from her lips.

The bully huffed, practically puffing out his chest. “What, you got something to say?”

Sunny simply sighed as she stopped down to pick up her things. The crowd began dispersing that had gathered around them but before the bully could walk away Sully spoke up. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but your words along with your pride will slip away into nothing. Come up with something original at least, it’ll be more memorable that way…”

She managed to slip away before seeing the further wrath of the bully.


2.Your character walks into the wrong class. What does your character do?

Sunny would hide her face in hopes no one notices her embarrassment before apologizing and slipping back out. She felt to embarrassed to think to ask for directions to the right classroom so she would more than likely continue on a path of trial and error until she found the right classroom or a friendly face.


3.Your Character gets fired under prejudice reason(i.e. Skin color, Accent, Sexuality, Age, gender). What does your character do?

“There’s always next time,” she muttered softly to herself as she left. “You’ve been refused for worse…”


4.Your character is at a high-school end-of-year party and their friend is trying to get them to drink. What do they do?

She’ll have a cup or two but that’s it. She’s more than likely going to be the one to end up driving so Sunny plans to stay sober and reliable incase something happens. ‘Something always happens at parties like this,’ she thinks to herself.


5. Your character’s friend is sad because their boyfriend broke up with them. What does your character do?

Sunny consoles her best friend and offers to go on an icecream run with them or binge watch their favorite series. Depending on how their boyfriend broke up with them, there’s surely a reason and if it’s for a petty reason, then it’s his loss.

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