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Suspicion (Haze Plot – Completion of vial #3)

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Regardless of mannerisms and civil niceties….there is something about Harmony I do not like. I just don’t know what tis. She’s provided freely on two occasions now an escape …or it feels like….from everyday stresses…or even long term burdens and bagage. I am grateful…but to a point. She made a comment that I must be careful whom I speak in front of when regarding these vials of euphoria. Me thinks that if this solution had use for good, everyone would be invited to partake. I’ve examined the last few droplets of the third vial and I cannot breakdown its composition. She said….water and magic. I have not power over magic…I am magically ignorant…Or what would the politically correct term be…?? Ah yes….magically challanged. Me thinks there is more to these vials than Harmony lets on. But somehow a part of me feels tis too late for me. I’ve found myself feverish with skin crawling, with a need for something and now I know what tis. The substance within these vials is the craving. The need to feel nothing, the need to relax and go with the flow…to simply be without responsibility, without obligation. To just breathe, to not feel pain, to not feel cold, to not remember why I hide, why I run, why I am alone….WAIT…I do remember, they haunt me now even as I put pen to paper right now. Spectral beings formed of shadows, mere copy-cats of people…no children I once knew. They accuse me, they tease me, they downright frighten me. They surround me, sing and laugh, dance and yell, point their rude little fingers at me because I am somebody now….I have things….I do not hunger. Oh but I do hunger….just not for food, me pantry is full. Something is wrong, I am confusing myself…I lost my train. I am lost…I am.

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