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Syllogism (1:1 RP)

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The nightmares have been getting worse. Same image a man who is not a man staring through your window. Scraping under the window “chick chick chick” coupled with a hissing wheezing laughter that slides past all reason and lands in the limbic part of your brain. Fight or flight you can do neither you’re stuck. Glued to the sheets. The work a day world part of your mind is whispering over and over “just a dream, just a dream, Just. A. Dream. Until you wake up freezing. Your window is wide open and you see six long finger…no…claw marks going from between your breasts and disappearing under your your panty line. You run to the bathroom and throw up. You drink water from the tap and when you look in the mirror you see yourself…talking the background isn’t the comforting reflection of your bathroom but blacks and greys. You can’t hear what you are saying. You spin away. Run to the kitchen where a bottle of Beam sits. You drink. And drink. And drink until you almost believe what happened was a dream. You turn the shower on hot. Steam fills the room and as the mirror fogs over you see a line of 10 numbers but backward. You grab a make up mirror and you see the numbers now. A phone number. Help? 

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  1. Alton Flamebringer 5 years ago

    “Nice to meet you Draco.” Cendon said with a smile. “Alton and I were once enemies, but now we have become friends.” Cendon grinned at the red dragon. Alton gave a small shrug.

    “Eh. It happened a while ago, and now we’re friends, although I hardly get to see you because one moment you’re with me and the next moment you’re several hundred miles away.” Alton explained. “Cendon is the true adventurer. Are you ever going to stop, even if its just a tiny hibernation?” Alton asked Cendon.

    “Probably not.” Cendon smirked. “Anyway, can I talk to Onyx? I feel we may have a slight connection, me once being a dark dragon and all.” Cendon leaned down to inspect the small, black dragon.

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