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Sparring Match: Helvegen Vs. Zera

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Helvegen  05:43PM
The dark-haired boy wasted no time in calling his glaive from the extradimensional armoury and spinning it deftly, shifting into an off-balance forward stance. “Draw.”
Zera la Fae  05:49PM
*The petite redhead sighs as she pulls back her hair into a short ponytail. She draws her blade with her left hand and tosses the scabbard aside before stepping into a guard. She keeps her joints soft so they wouldn’t lock up as she studies her opponent*
Helvegen  06:11PM
Helvegen nodded, and the terrain around Zera’s feet would spring upwards in an attempt to coil around her ankles and prevent her from moving. Not a half-second later, the boy was soaring towards her with his glaive pulled back for a vicious overhead slash.
Zera la Fae  06:20PM
*Feeling the earth shift beneath her feet, she quickly sidesteps to the right to avoid the shifting earth. As her opponent nears, she raises her blade to meet his with the point down and away from her body to encourage his momentum to deflect his attack downward. Upon contact, she steps wide to maneuver a leg behind him in order to throw him off balance, using her knee as a pivot. If she successfully throws him to the ground, she would then slash downwards towards him.*
Helvegen  06:28PM
Having confounded his magical surprise attack and avoided his glaive, Helve was momentarily caught off guard. They’d said this girl was squishy! Liars. The point of his glaive was driven into the floor, where it couldn’t hurt anyone, and her leg sweep caught him as he was regaining his balance. Helvegen went tumbling to the floor, but a bit of aeromancy allowed him to flip into the air and out of her blade’s reach. He was unharmed… but unarmed, as well.
Zera la Fae  06:38PM
More sorcery? Whatever happened to facing each other on the ground without any tricks? *She breathes deeply and slowly lets it out, trying not to get worked up. He had her at a disadvantage. True, he had no weapon, but he could easily dodge any of her attacks by moving higher. She moves between him and his weapon before reaching for one of the throwing knives at the small of her back and quickly flinging it at him*
Helvegen  06:43PM
There hadn’t been any agreement to facing each other on the ground without any tricks. Helvegen wriggled for a moment, looking rather silly as he undulated inanely in midair… until she whipped out the throwing knives. Moving agilely through the air, Helvegen flashed over the knife as it skimmed beneath him, nearly cutting open his shirt and exposing his almost-but-not-quite muscular physique. As he flew, he used the momentum to reach into his armoury once more, this time pulling out a greataxe and bringing it smashing downwards towards the crown of Zera’s head.
Zera la Fae  06:56PM
Che..*She was starting to not like this guy, and that was before he reached into bag of tricks. She barely had enough time to drop to her knees to avoid the blade of his axe. She cringed from the impact on her knees as she swung her sword upwards after the axehead went passed.*
Helvegen  07:00PM
“Whoa!” The weight of the greataxe brought Helvegen’s entire body swinging around, the sword slicing across his back and carving a shallow gash into it. He sucked in air sharply through his teeth as he twisted and landed on his feet, skidding slightly before rising to his feet and extending his hand. Weapons were overrated, he thought, as he gathered magical energy and sent a deadly bolt of lightning crackling through the air at Zera.
Zera la Fae  07:17PM
*She felt the rise of static in the air as the hairs on her arm stood on end and she knew the lightning was coming. Being bonded to a lightning elemental dragon had its perks. Unfortunately, Tetheon was on a pilgrimage so she was still not trained in that respect. While she was able to move aside fast enough to avoid the brunt of the electric force, there was a small arc of electricity attracted to the blade in her hand. Her arm went numb forcing her to drop the weapon to the ground. Fantastic, she had no feeling in her arm. She picks up the weapon in her non-dominant hand and dashes towards him at a surprising speed. She may have been small but she was also fast. When she got within range she would slice at him once more, starting low and to her left and moving in upward diagonal towards her right*
Helvegen  07:33PM
She may have been fast for a human, but when he wanted to be, Helvegen was -inhumanly- fast. Not to mention, with her using her non-dominant hand, a straight duel at this point wouldn’t be much of a contest. As she rushed him, he dropped the greataxe, reached out, and the wind brought his glaive spinning back to him. Never one for deflection or locking weapons – regardless of how strong he actually was – Helvegen leapt into a butterfly kick, vaulting over her rising blade and bringing his glaive around in a rapid spinning arc to try and hamstring her.
Zera la Fae  08:05PM
*Yup. It was official. She hated this guy, even if he was moderately good lucking. She wanted to bash in that pretty face of his. Seeing as her blade missed, she quickly stabbed her sword into the ground and flung the second of her throwing knives upwards towards him. After releasing the knife, she quickly pulls her sword out of the ground and moves perpendicular to the motion of his glaive. As she re positions her self for his next action, she questions her sanity for volunteering to spar. This is why she let people think she was squishy – fighting, it seemed, was far too troublesome.*
Helvegen  08:23PM
“This is all FAKE!” Helvegen whined, whipping to the side as the knife carved a bloody line along his cheek. Taking a deep breath in, Helvegen opened wide his mouth and breathed a cone of blue flame at her, from only a few feet away. “They said you would be SOFT AND SQUISHY!”
Zera la Fae  08:43PM
*As he inhales she releases her blade once more, charging forward and moves a leg behind him while throwing an arm across his torso in one fluid motion. Using her momentum to help her, she wants to send him flat on his back. If this was successful, she would kneel, pressing her knee into his chest while holding the blade of her last throwing knife to his throat. She glares down at him and speaks angrily through gritted teeth.* WAS. But NOT Anymore! Now what do you say we call this match a draw, eh?
Helvegen 08:48PM
“Oof!” She’d gotten him on his back, interrupting him in the middle of his fire breath and was now pinning him down. Helvegen’s lay sprawled out like a bishie starfish, looking up at her with those big blue eyes of his. “Um… a draw?” For a moment, he contemplated responding with a point-blank fire breath and incinerate her head, but decided the fight had drawn on long enough. Besides, he really had nothing against this girl. “Okay! Draw it is.” He smiled cheerily and reached up to poke her cheek. “Bap.”
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