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Terant’s Origin (Part 1)

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It was raining. Pouring. The weather had been brewing all night. But that was not why young Terant was awake. His father had left with some of the other men in the village ; chasing off a Militia group out of it after an attempted attack by them. The young boy was playing with dice, rolling it every so often. But mostly just stared at the dice. He hadn’t a clue what time it was but he knew it was very early, since his mother was walking down the stairs.

“Hun? What the hell are you doing up? It’s far too early to-” She’d realize he was worried for his father, and knelt down and put a hand on Terants shoulder. He would turn to his mother and look at her. She was wearing a red dressing gown, with dark purple slippers. Her hair was a golden brown and very messy, with knotts. It was obvious to 7 year old Terant that she had been up all night waiting as well. “Come on honey, let’s go to the living room and make some breakfast for you and your sister,” She would shout up the stairs “IF SHE DECIDES TO WAKE UP!”


Terants mother would move towards the kitchen, beckoning The young boy to follow. The mother set down a bowl of cereal on Terants lap. A coco flavoured cereal. The 7 year old would begin devouring the food, his mother laughing as he did so, still making food. Terant’s sister would walk down the stairs yawning. She was 15 at the time “Sup ya coco addict” She’d life at Terant, still rubbing her eyes. “Want some tea Cryoki?” The mother would say to her “Mum, c’mon. I said that when I was like 5 years old, Just let the whole ‘Cryoki’ thing die already. Please” the girl seemed politely frustrated. “Ok fine Athena, do you want some tea or not?”. Athena would nod yes.


Athena carefully clasped her cup of tea, like a claw machine grabbing a toy bear, except it actually holds well. She would sit in the living room looking at her brother. He was upset about something. “T?Are ya feeling well this morning?” She’d question. Terant would nod yes; clearly lying. Athena would precariously place the cup on the coffe table and move over to her ear phones. She’d place it in his ears, Terant would be startled at first, but would return to eating, allowing his sister to place the earphones in and play their fathers favourite song, a song Terant very much prefered too. Called “Blue Sky”. Terants eyes would light up and he’d began happily nodding his head. Their mother would look to them and form a smile.


The music began to become almost distorted by the sudden  voices and loud BANGS coming from outside the home. “Shit are those gunshots?2 The sister would announce, slowly moving towards the curtains before dodging a metal tube that had smashed through the window, she was on the floor now, so was the mother ; Terant still sat there confused. Athena ran for Terant, exclaiming mor curse words before grabbing him and taking him behind a wall that separated the living room and the kitchen. “Mum get dads pistol, quick!” the mother would hesitate before sorting through the draws. No pistol anywhere. Mother was about to turn around and explain the weapons absence, bofr being interrupted by the blast of red smoke that quickly filled the house. They all fell unconscious, seeing armed figures raiding the house…


(this is my first story, it’s only a part of the story so it is short)

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