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Acceptance – Part 1

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“i change by mind so much i cant even trust it- my mind changes me so much i cant even trust myself.” – Modest Mouse

NOTE: this continues off of my story “Memories” which is the 4th entry to by character’s main story. the other 3 are..



Starting Over

it is highly suggested you start from beginnings and go from there.

Date: 3/12/2035

Zoey sat in her car, head hung low. she was tired, but not by normal means of tired. she was tired emotionally, and mentally. Lily had called previously asking her to come over. lucky Zoey she had the day off of work. nice how things work out…

more than likely Lily wanted to see what extent Zoey’s abilities can go, always urging her to do more, get better at this, so on and so forth. Zoey liked it, though. it’s nice to be pushed every now and then. doesn’t mean she’s gonna show it though. Zoey wore a black sweater with a grey zipper jacked that was a size too big. she had the Razor blade necklace still. she never would take it off. it was Corey’s last gift to her before death, no way in hell would she ever get rid of it. her jeans were torn at the knees, which she didn’t want, but, Lily urged her to keep. always keeping up with the grunge look…

when Zoey pulled up into Lily’s drive way, she saw her on the other side of the yard waving for her. she was wearing a plain black beenie, Nirvana tank-top, pair of jeans, and a pair of high-top sneakers. again with the grunge look..

when she got out of the car she followed her around to the back. Lily turned to Zoey, smiling. “so.. i wanna see if we can get you to teleport..” She went. Zoey sighed. “my abilities are telekinetic, not some.. teleporting type thing.” Zoey said this with the most unenthusiastic tone she could make, and that lack of enthusiasm failed to get to Lily. “just try it!” Lily pried with a smile on her face. Zoey finally gave in. “fine.. what do you want me to do?” Lily looked at Zoey as if she was surprised Zoey didn’t get it. “isn’t it obvious?” she asked expecting a serious response. “no, no, i get everything you say before you say it, i can just read your mind.” Zoey joked. Lily laughs and takes her hand.

she leads her to the center of her small, not well kept backyard. she leaves her there and retreats to her back porch. when she’s there she turns around and goes, “ok, this is a long shot but.. try using your abilities on your self.” Zoey looks at Lily with silent judgement being passed to her. she then tries it. might as well do it to get her quiet, right? she focused on herself. “alright.. im doing it..” she goes before fully focusing. Lily leans against the railing trying to see if Zoey is going to suddenly pop up somewhere else. Lily began feeling like they were in the 10th grade again. always goofing off with Zoey’s abilities, getting high, listening to music, or just… talking. she missed those days.

Zoey’s perception of time slowed to her. seconds went by double the time they should. then came the rush. a sudden boost of… what? energy? no, that doesn’t fit. she couldn’t describe it. when she opened her eyes, she was still where she was. “looks like it failed..” she muttered. Lily walked up to her slowly and awkwardly. then leaned in close, looking her in the eyes. “what?” asked Zoey. Lily’s gaze went back to Zoey. “dude, look at your eyes.” Zoey leaned away from her. “why..?” Lily pulled out her phone and opened up the camera. “this is why.” she showed it to Zoey. Zoey looked at it in surprise. her eyes turned blue. she squinted at the camera, trying to see if what she was seeing was correct. it was. Lily pulled her phone away. “what do you think it is?” she asked. Zoey shrugged. “a boost? i dunno.” then came that mistake. Lily grabbed Zoey by the forearms and said, “if that’s true, lets see if you can lift a human being now!” Lily’s eyes were wide with excitement. Zoey began feeling like they were in 10th again, too. “ok, hold on.. who are we gonna test that on?” Lily spun around and took a few steps away from her, then back around. “me.” She shrugged. Zoey looked at her with a slight head tilt to the left, and said, “you sure..?” Lily scoffed. “just dont lift me up like, 12 feet into the air or some shit.” and with that, Zoey extended her left hand to Lily saying, “last chance to bail out.” 

“nope. not bailin’.”

she reached out.. telekineticly… if that’s a word to describe it, then so be it. she raised it up a small amount, and up went Lily. “holy shit Zoe!” she shouted with joy. “this is fuckin’ dope as shit!” dope. what a old phrase. Zoey lowered her arm, gently putting Lily down. she breathed out a sigh of relief. no one got hurt.

When Lily was down, she was shaking with excitement. “man wonder what else you can do..” she was lost in thought. the disappointment that Zoey sadly cant teleport was now gone. then again, knowing Lily, she might come up with a way for Zoey to teleport soon..

hours pass and they had found them selves watching old sci-fi films from the years of 1990 to 2020. star wars (which Zoey loved), Star Trek (which Lily loved.. and caused an argument between the two.), the entire Alien Series, and finally the first Predator movie. when Zoey looked at the time she almost had a seizure. 11:47 PM. “ah, shit! i gotta get home.” Zoey said with sudden rush. she got up and grabbed her keys and left for the door. “hey, it’s been great, i’ll see if i can come by tomorrow.” Lily said, chasing after her. “a’ight.” Zoey replied. “cya.” with that she was out the door, in her car, and speeding on home. the dogs gotta be starving by now.

when she got in the house, the dogs were standing near the bowls.. each one staring at them. “mama’s home.” she jokes to them despite the fact they cant understand her. she goes and grabs the bowls and walks to the food container, the dogs each at her heels, breathing heavy and all excited. she fills the bowls to the brim. they need it, anyways. as soon as she sets them out their already chomping away at their food. she went straight to her room to get ready for a shower. as she pulled out a shirt she glanced upwards at the guitars. they were Corey’s. she couldn’t look at them with out feeling like shit first. Corey’s whole story on how he got them was engrained in her head. mainly the last words he said about his friend.. “within a few months.. i heard his parents got hand-delivered a tri-fold flag.” ever sense her respect for america dropped greatly. it effected her directly and Corey indirectly but they both had equivalent pain. she just wished she was smart enough to save him. the damn mine that killed him she could have kept held down, and kept it that way till they were both out of range. sucks she was too wrapped up in the situation. she forgot she had her abilities then. now with Lily, it’s a constant reminder. Lily keeps calling going, “oh, try doing this.” or something else, but Zoey loved it, she liked the push forward.

she went and took her shower. when she got out she went straight to bed.

Date 5/13/2035

bang bang bang. sudden banging on the door. fucking banging. cant a person use a doorbell? Zoey got up from her dazed sleep and went to her front door. she pushed the dogs aside and was about to look through the peep hole to see who it is when she heard Lily go, “open up! i got a idea, just hurry!” with this, she opened the door and in came lily with a smile on her face. “i can get you to teleport.” she goes. “what?” Zoey replies, still getting out of the sleep-to-awake phase. Lily walks to the hallway on the opposite end of the door, stops, turns around, and goes, “we were on the right track yesterday, i think.” Zoey doubted Lily’s words. Lily acted like a scientist with Zoey’s abilities despite the fact she knows nothing about them other than the fact that Zoey can lift things and enhance them to lift bigger things.

but, Zoey wanted to see if she actually could teleport. and how such a ability would work. so she went along. “alright, so what do we do?” she asks. Lily smiles. “same as before, but instead of keeping the energy inside you, transfer it somewhere else.” 


Zoey lifts a eyebrow. their universal signal for ‘what the fuck are you saying?’. Lily sighs and goes, “just do it.” so Zoey closed her eyes and focused on her self. again, time slowed, giving her time to do what Lily asked. she transferred it directly in front of Lily and..

BAM! she was there as soon as she started. Lily jumped back out of fright, but then marveled at Zoey for a second. then came excitement. “holy shit it worked!!” she screamed joyfully. Zoey shrugged. “we gotta see if it can go long distance.” Lily says with such a strange… excitement? was she excited that Zoey mastered such a ability so quick, and was proud? or was it that Zoey was finally embracing her abilities as her own? could be option B.

Zoey shrugged and said, “lets try it.” and thus came the self training with Lily as emotional support. Zoey quickly found she can do it instantly.. by teleporting over the edge of a 10 story. she found the max she could do as of that day was from New York, where she lives, to North Carolina. but that took a couple of minutes to do, seeing how she never went to NC. she got it quick though. after the first time it became instantaneous. eventually, after some late night fooling around, she teleported to a whole different planet, and just by thinking of some random idea for a planet where people like her was normal. it was livable, and seemed like earth.. except for the fact that it was called ‘hellifyro’ or something. she might keep that in mind for later. a place to go to think.

date 7/14/2036

the day of her Birthday and the only one there to celebrate was Lily. at this point, they were no longer overly excited around each other. they were now chill, like they were back in high school. Lily had just about made a cake for Zoey, but over cooked it. instead she mailed her some mini-cupcakes, a letter explaining why she is keeping it simple, and a 20 dollar bill. Zoey destroyed the cupcakes and spent the 20 on a Modest Mouse T-shirt. she wore that shirt and a pair of grey sweat pants, accompanied by a old pair of Vanns. her hair was pulled back into a bun with a thin-ish strand of hair hanging loose on both sides of her face.

The house was a bit messy, but not too much. she quickly tidied up with her telekinesis, using what she was now calling ‘Focus’ to make it faster. she could be a professional maid, she realized.

she looked at the time, and being bored, she decided, ‘hey, why not check out Hellifyro?’ so she teleported. she got there in a open plain, and nearby was a Inn of some sort. very quickly she realized how much energy teleporting here was. she even had to take a second to gather herself and catch her breath. once she was fully recovered she walked to the Inn’s entrance. she read the sign hanging above her, ‘Red Sun Inn’. with this, she walked inside, and in the most casual way possible said, “sup” as she walked in.


of part 1.


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