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Thason’s Story

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Early Life

Marcus Graves was born to Mara and Dobras Graves during a great war between the kingdom of Ra’Zul and The Scalstorm Empire, over a very rare element said to be touched by Mother Earth herself. Marcus had an older brother Luke Graves who was four years older than he was and when Marcus started showing signs of being a potential Knight of Gaia he was sent to The Academy to hone in his skills of controlling the elements.

Becoming a Knight

As he grew older, Marcus showed great potential controlling lightning, a trademark element for the Graves bloodline. It was at The Academy where he would meet his close friends Kyra Lindmer, Mason Bridgeglow, and Seth Grimsbane. With their training in tow, Kyra and Marcus would grow fond of each other and eventually start a relationship with one another through their final years at the Academy.

The War

Military Thason

During a siege on a city in the Scalstorm Empire, Marcus suffered a life-threatening attack that caused a great deal of damage on his right side and permanently blinding him in the eye. It put a great strain on his career but Marcus rebounded quite quickly and to everyone’s surprise as well as his own was promoted to sergeant. It was with his new group he was tasked with hunting down ancient dark artifacts from the sieged territories and to destroy them.


Now in charge of his own squad to which Kyra, Mason, and Seth were a part of, Marcus helped turn the tide of the war in Ra’Zul’s favor. It was during a rather intense siege of a small town cursed by some dark artifact that would raise the dead, that Seth turned on his friends revealing his true intention. He cared nothing about the war only the dark artifacts that the Ra’Zulian kingdom was hunting down and destroying. Seth revealed to Marcus and the others that he had been keeping the artifacts for himself to grow stronger. In Seth’s eyes, the Ra’Zulian kingdom had one goal in mind, to slowly erase their dark history of Necromancy which allowed them to grow to power so quickly. Seth decided that it was up to Him to bring back this dark history and show the Kingdom it’s true colors.

The Beginning of The End.

While Marcus was out with Kyra and Mason hunting down Seth, they received the call that the War was finally over. With the death of the Ra’Zulian king, and the appointment of a new king, Dovras Graves. Many hopped an era of Peace would begin. Just as negotiations for peace were starting, an assassin attempted to take the life of the Scalstormian Queen. Both Kingdoms were quick to put the blame on the other but with the help of Marcus’ team, they came to the conclusion that this assassin had ties to Seth, their old friend turned enemy.

Marcus assured the Queen of Scalstorm that he would not stop or rest till he found Seth since he felt guilty for allowing him to escape his grasp so many years ago. He was very thankful to find the Queen accepting his terms. What followed was a 12-year long chase between the four friends.


Thason shortly after burying Kyra

During a confrontation between Marcus, Kyra, Mason Seth and Seth’s new apprentice Ralph, Kyra was hit with a fatal blow by Seth while jumping into the fray to protect a wounded Marcus. Enraged, Marcus unleashed a deadly assault of attacks causing Seth and Ralph to flee. In her dying words, Kyra proposed to Marcus and the two shared one final embrace before Kyra’s body faded into dust. It took Mason a few weeks to help his friend through this loss and put him on the right track to tracking down Seth. Marcus and Mason would spend another half a year trying to figure out where Seth could’ve gone but to no avail. The pair returned home.


Returning home was hard on Marcus, the pain of Kyra still fresh on his mind, he decided to dive deep into what he knew best. War and Killing. So he sold all of his belongings, much to his parents and Luke’s disapproval, and became a mercenary. It was during this time he changed his name to Thason. While out on a job, he started having vivid dreams of a temple somewhere along a mysterious beach. Thason, understanding this was some kind of message. Took what supplies he had and ventured on to the temple. It was here where he discovered a portal to another dimension.


Thason learning from Egdite

Thason found himself in a strange world where beings manipulated multiple elements all at once and through years of training and help from an old sage by the name of Egdite. Thason unlocked the abilities to not only control lightning further, but he could summon heavenly energies to his command, regenerate lost limbs, conjure small objects and portals. But Egdite and the other sages of this land helped Thason train for what he hoped would be his final fight against Seth. When Thason had learned everything the Sages had to teach him. He returned back to his world.

The End of The World

Thason had returned home to find his home in ruins. He had been gone for nearly 50 years. Seth had been busy, most of the Ra’Zulian kingdom had been destroyed and many of the people taken prisoner. His brother Luke, Mason and parents were among them. Thason and Seth finally clashed in the capital city called Centalox where Seth had set up his base of operations. To Seth’s surprise, not only was Thason stronger than before, he was more than a handful. Their battle raged for countless hours, destroying numerous buildings. Thason toppled a building on Seth hoping to slow him down long enough to get the people safe, to which he was able to do. Seth had also grown stronger, as Thason expected. Their battle eventually would lead to the destruction of the whole capital city and with both of them reaching their limit, Seth tried to attack Thason where it hurt the most: the loss of Kyra. Seth had brought Kyra back in the form of a woman named Katie to help assist his siege of Ra’Zul.

Thason had brought reinforcements of his own, in the form of his brother Luke and Mason. After a long day of fighting into the dead of night. Seth’s powers were beginning to fail him and with the help of Kyra, returned back to normal thanks to training Thason had received by the Sages. But Seth had one final trick up his sleeve, a deadly spell that would cause the whole kingdom to be destroyed in a matter of hours. Thason kissed Kyra goodbye one last time as he forced his partners to retreat through a portal to a different continent. Both Thason and Seth perished in the blast that destroyed Ra’Zul and blew it off the map.


To Thason’s shock, he was not dead. The Sage’s training had kept him alive even in a blast that seemed to accompany most of the kingdom. It was a trip back to the sages that he learned that not only did his regeneration grow stronger in the battle, but all the time he spent in their dimension altered his body in a way which made him immortal much like the Sages. But all at a cost. He had no memory of what had just happened to him. So he opened a portal to another world and vanished never to be seen again.



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