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The Ar’Elian Saga: The Story So Far

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It started with a city. Ar’Elis, ancient metropolis of the magical world Hellifyno. This land of troubles that has stood for millennia was bereft of government, martial protection, law, or hope, due to the misfortunes of recent years.

Into this power vacuum stepped Twine, the city of portals, led by the goddess Kida and backed by an army of Teddy warriors, she quickly restored order to the city and started developing plans for a more permanent governmental system. All was well.

It was during this time, that the messiah was born. Foretold in prophecy and lore, confirmed by mages and mentats, a child with the reborn soul of the ancient High King Ar’Elis of Hellifyno, came into this world, birthed to a common family living in the dwelling district of the city that bears his ancient incarnations name.

Many rejoiced at the birth of the once and future king of Hellifyno.

Others feared.

Still others plotted.

Then, the Twine imposed peace of Ar’Elis was shattered, as an army of rabid apes and monkeys invaded, causing mass destruction, tearing up ancient buildings, shattering the millenia old soil and ground, and revealing, hidden artifacts, of innumerable power.

Into this chaos, stepped the villain Ruby. Drawn by some unknown force she stepped into the beleaguered city, moving to the appointed spot, taking hold of a long buried stone of power.

And then crushing it.

This stone, this seal, was one of the barriers holding back an ancient evil. The Malevolent Abomination. Now, able to touch the world once more, his darkness and desecration subsumed the world.

But this is a world in which the messiah had been born. The infant Ar’Elis, ancient enemy of the Abomination, gifted his powers to Rye Simmons, as well as a group of intrepid heroes who were able to defeat the Malevolent Abomination using ancient magics that no living soul had ever wielded.

The day was won.

And then, the army of Olde Watch showed up. One of the most militarily powerful cities on hellifyno, and a population largely distrusting of the magical beings that inhabit this world, their armies invaded Ar’Elis, capturing the city and ousting the forces of Twine.

Their goal? Their demand? To take control of the child Messiah. Their mentats had predicted that he was the key to the future of the world.

Pursued by a relentless army of heavily armed soldiers, the goddess Kida, along with Rye and a group of allies quickly spirited the child away to relative safety of the city of Twine.

The child was safe, and the Abomination was defeated. For now. However, that had only been a fraction of its power. There were still two seals on its prison remaining, and if they were broken, the ancient Malevolence would be able to bring its full strength to bear upon the world.

And, the Malevolent Abomination had a new ally. In addition to Ruby who had started its path to freedom, it had also subsumed the Dreamwalker Magicia. And she had a lead on the location of the second seal.

Shortly after Olde Watch, under the command of Commandant Krieger, allied with Ruby and Magicia in an attack on Twine to try and capture or kill the Messiah baby. During this failed battle it was revealed that the infant Ar’Elis, had grown into a young teen, and was in command of many of his powers. Enough of them to repel the invasion single-handedly.

But not before he was tainted was a mixture of pure Malevolent energy by a member of the allied Valencia family.

After this, Magicia was able to discover the location of the second seal on the Abominations prison. It was in the city of Ar’Elis, but it was buried under one of the Olde Watch’s military bases.

In a daring plan, Magicia manipulated both Kida of Twine and Ruby to attack the Olde Watch base in an attempt to assassinate Commandant Krieger, an attempt that was successful. But while the soldiers were distracted by the attack on, and death of their leader, Magicia stole in, and took possession of the second seal, not just destroying it, but absorbing the Malevolent powers that were released, as well as those contained within her former ally Ruby.

Weeks of destruction ensued in which the Dark Queen Magicia took vengeance on the city of Ar’Elis for their failure to “love her enough.”

It was then that the scholar elf Silrien discovered an ancient gem that contained a story of the first battle between the High King Ar’Elis and the Malevolent Abomination, one million years ago, as well as the actual, physical location of the prison of the Malevolent Abomination. If that could be found, the lore in that gem could be used to destroy the power of the ancient being once and for all.

An unlikely alliance was formed between Kida of Twine and the former Herald of the Abomination Ruby, to find this prison and stop the Malevolence forever. To do this they had to infiltrate the Dark Queen Magicia’s palace, and the travel down, down, deep into the ground, to an ancient access point for the True Web, the first, and all-pervasive internet of Hellifyno, and the Source of the ancient king Ar’Elis’s power.

There they found the prison of the Malevolent Abomination, awash in a fountain of pure magical energy. But then, Ruby betrayed her companions and destroyed the prison, releasing the dark one upon reality.

The child Ar’Elis appeared to battle his ancient foe once more. But, corrupted as he was by the essence of the Malevolence, he failed, and fell.

And then, the world ended.

But only briefly, as the forces of Olde Watch, led by a cybernetically revived Commandant Krieger, attacked just then, hitting the entire area with so much Anti Magic that the Malevolent Abomination was trapped once more, half inside the True Web, half buried beneath the AM ravaged palace ruins of the city.

Olde Watch soldiers were able to retrieve the broken but living body of the Messiah child from these ruins.

War continued to rage. Between the forces of Olde Watch and Twine. Between the forces of Ruby, and Magicia. And between the forces of a hundred other factions, each vying for power in this realm.

During this infighting, the entity known as Mora became the goddess of the Weave, a newer form of the internet which was responsible for most of the planet’s communications. An ally of Twine, she was able to successfully carry out a cyber attack on Olde Watch, and completely subsume the Robotic Krieger’s mind, taking control of him, and subsequently his hostile forces, thus ending the major conflict in the city.

But, distracted by this pursuit, the Malevolent Abomination was able to move from the True Web to the Deep Web and then out through the communication ports of the planet to wreak havoc on Hellifyno. The city of Persistence was flooded, the city of Consequence was beset by ancient monsters, and even the flying island of Hellgate crashed into the ocean. Twine was ravaged and corrupted, Olde Watch suffered terrible earthquakes, and the whole planet seemed doomed.

Then, Mora shut down the internet, cutting off communications worldwide. Hellifyno went silent, and the Abominations attempts were thwarted.

For now.

But then, the Malevolent one put out a call. And those who love destruction, answered.

The army of monkeys who had started this whole saga returned, and devastated the city of Ar’Elis. In their wake, the Anti Magic seal holding the Malevolent Abomination back began to crack, and it reached out into the world once more, inverting and converting the land into a sickly a twisted version of itself, a mirror of the dark beings own empty soul.

Olde Watch reacted by taking the child Messiah and hooking him up to a crystal, which drew out his powers, focusing them into a concentrated beam of pure, impossibly powerful energy that was pointed at the heart of the Malevolent Abomination, burning, searing, and tearing into its growing mass.

The Abomination was halted, defeated again. But before it was done, it grabbed the city of Ar’Elis, its buildings, its people, and tore them asunder, dragging them all down into a twisted and inverted realm beneath the earth where its dark power ruled.

The ground, rose up, separating the land of the Abomination from the wastes above.

In the following days, heroic efforts were carried out by representatives from Twine and Olde Watch to save as many of the citizens of Ar’Elis from that upside down realm as possible.

Some were rescued. Some couldn’t be. Some didn’t want to be.

And that is where we stand. Olde Watch’s army is being run by Mora / Krieger, who has now allied with Kida and ended the war. However, Commander Colton, as well as many Olde Watch soldiers, don’t trust this new leader and disagree with the peace treaty.

Meanwhile, Olde Watch maintains control of the Messiah child, keeping him as a weapon, and they work to contain the Abomination, piling unheard of amounts of the precious Anti Magic material upon the earth to try and contain its growing, creeping, expanding presence.

The city itself is a ruin, though the goddess Kida has made great strides, trying to rebuild. Some citizens remain, many have died, others have fled.

The planet as a whole has felt the pain of this conflict. Every city has been touched. Every people has been harmed.

All the world now stands upon a precipice, as the great leaders of every city, every state, every nation, come together at a great summit of peace, to discuss the future, to discuss, a way forward.


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