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The Arom Experiment

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So hello to everyone who has been keeping up with the Arom blogs and voice over messages.

With the void conflict and plot now finished {at least till void does something else lol}. I wanted to talk about the mini RP social exsperiment i started.


The point of Arom was mainly at the start to be an antagonist  but quickly became more of an aggressive  decentralized speaker for a race called they Cybren. Other then Arom himself what the Cybren actualy are is never explained other then are as a digital race that live in a cyber world.
Arom himself claims to be a speaker of the race and no other of his race are ever seen or heard until the last message when two more like him are shown.

The aim of the idea was to see what would happen if an outside force appeared and tried to convince drastic change to the RP world we all know as Helifyno. What happens was rather interesting. A small group of people joined Arom and aided with informing him with information of what was going on which he would then use in his messages.

Another thing was a rise in Ego vs plot type of mentality. in which the sheer mention of someone in Arom’s messages caused a series of characters to break into a mix of OOC and IC reactions where the players ego and the character’s reputation intermingled. Instead of dealing with the threat of the void it became a blog after blog “Media” war to clear names and salvage how Arom portraid their characters in his messages.

It was an odd mirroring of today’s media and how it plays off peoples personal niches and way of thinking to complete;y distract from a larger problem Even some of the people involved with the Void story arc played along to a small extent.

Overall i was pretty intrigued with how everything went and  i might possibly use Arom in the future as Pages version of the Anonymous group . But for now he shall be shelved and reworked. And this account will be remade into something new. but please keep an eye out for you never know Arom may return with a new face and name.

    1. I really hope you do bring Arom back. He was such a great char. I’m not surprised with the results but it still made me giggle.

    2. nova 2 months ago

      That was really smaet

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