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The Balance Bringer

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“P…please Lord Leviticus, can’t we talk about this?  Things don’t have to go this way!”


In a realm far, far away from Hellifyno, as far as the crow flies anyway, there is a group of worlds that have been dominated by the Abyss for as long as the worlds have existed.   However, in recent times the Wraithei, a race of beings who were thought to have existed in the great abyss before light was ever even thought of, had started to spread out and dominate more worlds in an attempt to subjugate that entire universe and return it to the great abyss, eradicating the light, and the life that thrived in it’s grace.  Over the course of the last three trillion years, the Wraithei had been successful in pushing countless worlds to the brink of the abyss, many falling into it’s dark baptism. However, in the past five hundred years, things had begun to change, and the Wraithei’s plans and ambitions had come to a startling halt.  


At first they had begun to lose key members of their forces to mysterious circumstances.  After a while things escalated and they began to lose whole armies, high ranking generals and leaders, and finally they began to lose control of entire planets.  It wasn’t until these strange happenings began to create storms upon the Dark Cluster, the core worlds that had always belonged to the Wraithei did they begin to truly understand that this was no simple storm, but one that could actually sweep them away.  The most terrifying thing, however, was that they could not put a name, or face, to this stirring calamity. It was like they had absolutely no control over what was happening, which was something the Wraithei had never had to face in all of their existence.  At this moment there was a commotion on the world called Xarius, the center of the Dark Cluster, and command world of the Wraithei. Their core forces were all gathered upon their command world, and all of their leaders, including the Dire Overlord of all the Wrathei, Yainith Krin, were present.  The Wraithei were a race of pure dark beings, and even in their humanoid forms they seemed to radiate a vast darkness, always looking as if a pitch black smoke was leaking from their very pores.


However, in the middle of these forces stood a single being who was their opposite.  This being seemed to be made out of pure light, a light so bright that no features could be seen.  He was literally a beam of divine light in the shape of a man. However, even though his features were obscured, the Wraithei Dire Overlord Yainith knew exactly who it was that stood before him.  For the first time in his nearly infinite life span he felt a cold fear gripping him. The being who stood before them was only known as Lord Leviticus The Balance Bringer. Even he, had only heard stories about the Balance Bringer, as he had never appeared before in this universe.  Leviticus simply floated there above the tall dark structures that made up the core of the Wraithei’s great city, a city the size of a greater world. The dark modern landscape stretched for as far as the eye could see, though beings such as Leviticus as well as Yainith and his greater generals possessed perception that ranged far beyond just this world, even the Dark Cluster itself.  Yainith knew what was happening on all of his core worlds at all times. It was because of this that he had been able to gather his forces in time to surround and face this new threat, but upon seeing Leviticus in person, he knew that all of his plans were in danger.  


Even as he thought about what he was going to do, the form of light that was The Balance Bringer began to grow more and more dull as the light of his form suddenly began to give way to flesh.  Soon the light had fully faded, leaving only a brilliant halo-like glow to outline the now human form of Leviticus. He had the appearance of a youth who’d only seen twenty dark cycles at most.  He wore a set of pure white and gold armor, a great white sword strapped at his left hip. He had a head of ear length white hair, and though his features were youthful, the depths of his bright golden eyes seemed as old and deep as Yainith’s own.  It had to be understood that Yainith himself was countless trillions of years old, and though his kind didn’t view the passage of time in the ways of many other races, even for them this was a substantial amount of time to exist. To see such depths in the eyes of The Balance Bringer caused even more trepidation to shake Yainith to his core.  Leviticus had a calm and carefree smile on his face. He even looked a bit lazy as he stood there in the air, hands at his sides, not yet making a move. Yainith was still thinking about what he could do when a soft, smooth voice rang out from The Balance Bringer.


“They must find it difficult, those who take authority for truth, instead of truth for authority.”


Yainith frowned at these words.  They seemed strange, but it didn’t take him long to realize what they meant.  Leviticus was telling him that those like himself who used their might to forge truth into whatever they wanted it to be would find themselves at the mercy of their own rules in the end.  Yainith growled in agitated fashion. His forces were shocked to see just how much The Balance Bringer shook him. Even though their humanoid forms were never fully human, very few had ever seen even a hint of their true forms.  At this moment, their great Dire Overlord was so agitated that a hint of his true form was showing through. The Wraithei were an eldritch race, and right now thick, ugly black tendrils were extending from Yainith’s back and limbs.  They seemed to suck the very life out of the air around them, and even his own greater generals felt their cores begin to be corroded from their leader’s aura. Leviticus seemed unconcerned however, and this caused Yainith to growl in frustration.


“Even you, The Balance Bringer, have to know who we are.  We are children of the great lord, the father of the Abyss, Yjarl himself!  What we do, we do in his name. Do you really want to bring his attention to you?”


Yainith was hoping that the mention of Yjarl would give even The Balance Bringer pause.  Yjarl was the absolute lord of the abyss. Before light, and the life that thrived within it even existed, created by his brother God, and sister Eden respectively, Yjarl was the absolute authority of the primordial darkness.  Leviticus blinked at these words, which caused elation to begin welling up within Yainith. It was working! Then, however, Leviticus tilted his head back and began to laugh a long, loud, hearty sound. It was filled with an amazed mirth, amusement even shined in his golden eyes as he returned his gaze to the Dire Overlord Yainith Krin.


“Do not think me daft you stupid piece of shit.”


Though his eyes were alight with amusement, it was a cold laughter that echoed within those golden depths, and a look of pure disdain was shown to the Wraithei leader.


“I know of your master, just as I know of his siblings, God The Father of Light, and Eden The Mother of Life.  I know all three of them well, but it seems that you do not, nor do you truly know of me either.”


The mirth had left his tone, and an infinite coldness entered his words now.  Yainith was confused at The Balance Bringer’s words. He was one of Yjarl’s oldest followers.  Though he wasn’t one of the greater Wraith who had actually existed in the Abyss before light and life, he was old enough to know very well who the three primordial siblings were.


“If you truly knew them, you would not be doing what you’ve been doing these last trillions of years.  Yes the siblings are at eternal war. Your master wants to return the universe to darkness because he fears the potential of his sister Eden’s creations.  His brother god wants to create a universe of light that matches the darkness he reigned over in the past. However, neither of them want to actually hurt Eden herself.  They despise her creations, but she is still their sister. Thus their “war” has been an endless one, because none of them will go all out, deciding to play the long game.”


Leviticus had his arms crossed behind his back, looking coldly down upon those who surrounded him, speaking as if he were talking to a bunch of stupid children.  


“Thus even though they are at odds, there has been a kind of balance between them all.  There will be an end game at some point, but beings such as they can’t be understood by lesser creatures such as you and I.  Who knows when, or even how this war will end. However, until that happens, they have agreed on a certain balance. What you have been doing here upsets that balance.  If you were to spread your darkness across this entire realm, it would create a greater conflict because both God and Eden would send out their forces to bring the balance back.  Your master knows this, but he’s not going to interfere. He likes to see the world burn as they say in some places. However, that is where I come in. I do not work for any of the siblings, yet I work for all of them.  The Balance Bringer, remember?”


Leviticus smiled, but it was a dangerous smile that brought a chill down Yainith’s spine, and even more pitch black tendrils began to manifest from his body, showing just how upset he was.


“What that means is that your threats about who you work for don’t mean shit to me.  He’s not going to act, none of them are. This will between you, your forces, and me.  Though you may have heard about me, you don’t know a damn thing about me, or you’d not be wasting your time with words.”


The moment the last word left his lips Levitcus drew the sword at his hip.  The motion was so fast that not even these ancient beings could see it. Before anyone could react, half of Yainith’s abyssal forces were turned to dust.  A single sword strike, that none of them could keep up with was enough to obliterate forces that Yainith had spent countless years building up. They had never come across opposition such as this, and none of them were prepared for this.  Leviticus remained where he was and stared at them as if they were nothing but insects.


“How weak.  I know this realm isn’t one of the most powerful, proven by the fact that you were even able to get as far as you have with your plans, but I expected more from you.  I guess it’s time to end this then.”


Once more Leviticus took action the moment his words ended, a blinding light suddenly burst forth from him as twelve wings of light spread from his back, each and every feather seeming to be as bright as a sun, causing many of the remaining Wraithei to burst out of their human forms and return to their original shapes.  They were of many different shapes and sizes, but all of them had countless tendrils spreading from them, and their bodies were pitch black, a direct contrast to the light Leviticus radiated. At first Yainith was frozen in place, watching as his soldiers were eradicated. He felt fear, and anger, two emotions he was not used to feeling at all.  However when he saw the light that radiated from The Balance Bringer he suddenly had an idea, a grin spreading across his face.


“You’re a being of light!  I can feel the grace in your aura!  Quickly, the void engine!”


They had weapons that could directly counter a light such as the one he was radiating.  Now that he knew his nature, the fear and anger seemed to turn to dust within him, replaced by relief and a hunger for the slaughter of this outsider.  Though his greater generals were as taken aback by the current situation as he was, they were quick to act, and summoned the void engine, a vast machine made of black metal that seemed to be almost as big as the city itself, blotting out the a good portion of the light that Leviticus gave off.


“You should have finished us before letting us know your nature Balance Bringer!  We have been preparing to eradicate the light for countless years! A universe worth of light!  Your little light is no match for our engine! Do it!”


He was eager to put this entire accident behind him, and ordered the engine to be used immediately.  Leviticus cocked his head as he looked to the void engine with what seemed to be curiosity. Seeing that he was not going to act, Yainith laughed madly on the inside.  He had won! The engine was activated and suddenly a concentrated beam of dark energy shot at Leviticus, completely devouring his light, and The Balance Bringer himself.  Soon there was a pitch black sun floating where Leviticus had been, trapping him within it.


“We’ve won!  No being of light could ever exist within that abyssal sun!  Inside of that mass of darkness is the true abyss! Nothing that can’t thrive in the true abyss can survive in there, let alone a being of light!”


Laughter rang out, but to Yainith’s surprise, that laughter did not come from him, nor did it come from any of his soldiers or generals.  The laughter came from within the abyssal sun. Once more Yainith felt a deep seeded fear. He stared at the abyssal sun and couldn’t believe his eyes as it began to grow smaller and smaller.  He was so shocked that, like many of his followers, he returned to his original form. Yanith looked like a huge mass of pitch black tentacles. Four of them were vastly larger than the others, acting as limbs, and his head was a nest of thin tendrils with two silver slits that acted as eyes. Any normal being who laid eyes upon him would die of madness.  The abyssal sun shrank more and more, taking on the shape of a man, much like the humanoid light that Leviticus had taken when he first arrived. Now, however, he was made of complete darkness.


“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!  What a bunch of dumb bitches! What part of Balance Maker don’t you understand?  As I said, you know nothing about me, and that stupid move shows it. I told you I don’t work for any of the siblings, yet all of them.  I keep the balance between them. Light is but one of my forms, and abilities.”


The shadow began to give way to flesh once more, mirroring what happened when he had shed his form of light earlier.  This time, however, his armor was pitch black, and he had twelve wings of abyssal darkness spreading out from his back.  His hair remained white, but two crimson horns jutted from his forehead, and his eyes were pitch black.


“Your stupid ass void engine doesn’t mean shit to me.  I can use your so called primordial darkness just as well as I can use divine light!  See?”


Suddenly half his body changed to mirror his prior form.  The six wings on his right side shed their darkness and became light.  His right eye returned to its former gold, and the horn on the right side of his head disappeared.  He then brought his hands together, gripping his sword, it’s blade radiating both light and darkness, creating a chaotic flow of energy that began to turn everything around him to dust.  Even the greater generals of Yainith began to disintegrate. Yainith was powerful enough to hold his form longer than the others, but he was filled with fear and regret as he felt his control leave him and he began to turn to dust as well.


“Later bitches.  I hope that the true elders of your race are less stupid, I’d have to have to repeat myself.”


With a single slash, the chaos energy that had begun to radiate from his sword burst forth in a great wave that encompassed the planet, spreading out to reach everything within the dark cluster.  He did not eradicate everything, for that would go against who he was. He was the Balance Bringer, not the Balance Breaker after all. In the aftermath of his attack, nothing within the dark cluster was left untouched.  Yainith and his core army were destroyed, but Leviticus had left many of the Wraithei untouched so that they could rise up again one day. They just needed to be smart enough not to follow in the footsteps of their former leader.  


Leviticus returned to his light form, liking it better than the others as most of the women he was interested in found it the most attractive.  Yeah, even the Balance Bringer could be a bit shallow at times. He gave one last cold look at his work before his form disappeared without a trace.  Now that his job was done, it was time for him to return to Hellifyno. He had a piece of shit Monk to find.

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