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The Battle For Aaron’s Weapon (Jasmine’s Orgins Arc) Part 2

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A/N:Credit to @StephanieMarie and @mratusia, thank you so much for allowing me to write this out 

Jasupa seemed displeased for Alyssa not telling him everything. It had always seemed he was thrown through circles never stopping and as he was about to say something they teleport in the middle of the battle field with monsters everyone. All in different forms and sizes but non were shadow creatures as before as they were from a different plane “Gods, why the fuck” Jasupa says standing and unsheathing his sword Thorner who would glow a pearcing red color which grew around its wealder

Sierra being very fast to free up her mother, grand aunt and her aunt’s so they can fight as Alyssa never intended to keep Jasupa in a loop just had her own problems she could not always include him in

Jasupa screams clinging his sword to the side trying to hipe himself up in this battle knowing that this could very well kill him. Including he did not fight with armor usually he was fast disapearing and appearing in one spot thrusting his sword into a creatures back coming from the other side from the chest of the creature. Again he would yell and even his eyes would glow…it was obvious he was trying to Berserk but could not and it was probably best knwoign he could kill allies and freinds within the powerful form

A Hooded Demonic Girl would be slashing at the Ceatures left and right like it was nothing, before Mikayla soon fought alongside Jasupa

After Jasupa pulls his sword out to feel a a slash to his back. He yells in pain as a claw pull out from his shoulder a deep wound coursing from both opposite ends of his bacn and shoulder’. Jasupa twists breaking the claw with the motion and swinging his sword. The creature raises its claws as a clange cold be heard…the magic sword did not pearce its claw. Again he swipes his sword lower cutting the monsters feet and as it fell he decapitated the monsterand fell to his knee pulling the claw out from his shoulder, he would yell in deep pain pulling the claw out of his shoulder

Mikayla quickly knocks the Ceatures back, calling Abigail’s attention who would respond quickly and telport over trying to help Jasupa quickly as Mikayla would cover them, soon Joined by Alida and Addie’s help

“ Abigail keep fighting. Do not worry about me…FIGHT” Again Jasupa lifted from his knees raising his sword and pacing back into the battle swinging his sword. Both from left to right he would sling and slay a few of the beasts but each one had seemed to claw at him. Yet Jasupa carried on knowing he was a Berserker…the first lines of any army or guards…the champion.

Jasupa was being healed by the ring on his finger, a spell Alyssa must have ordered from her cousin as Natalie and Inflamed would pursue after this weapon, as Mikayla commanded the men to start pushing the men away from the Pinkadow Stronghold

Jasupa began to laugh and something had peared strange to Seirra and Natalie…his power was raising greatly. It all the sudden was to easy for Jasupa as he was playing around with the monsters and would swing around them and then stabbing them through the back, then Jasupa spoke “Woahhhh”  He yells as he jerks his head to the left from an attack from behind. After Jasupa began to laugh almost in pain as he twists around in the air with ease kicking the beast and then lifting his hand now laughing even harder as a bolt of lighting is show. A great power formed onto his hand turning green and then to blue as he thrusts his arm and the lighting hit the monster turning it into complete dust, this had not seemed like their Jasupa but different

The Ceatures Of Voilettes soon began to struggle against the oozing out of the Nightmarish Ceatures as Natalie had a glowing piece from her Halberd as she commands the Ceatures to fight the Dishindered

Jasupa smiled as he suddenly stopped with clouds begining to hover above him circling in a decayed manner. Raising his hand he yelled lifting his head as a huge bolt of lightning comes down from the skys dispearsing many of the creatures into dust

Soon the Battle was done as The Hooded Future left as Sierra come over to calm down

Jasupa had seen the hooded figure and had known it was Alyssa…or so he thought as he falls to his knees once the battle was over. His eyes were glowing green and blues off and on…over and over. He was mumbiling to himself and even a few words could be heard as he mumbles “Get out of my head” Dark side of Jasupa awaken “No, I am your head you bastered. I am you and I cannot leave” Then Jasupa laughs for a moment before looking up in fear and wencing in pain watching as a red flash from his eyes as he falls to the ground unconsious 

Sierra had picked up the Spouse of her sister, heading back home. As the Battle was over


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    1. Jasupa Asuta-Novu 1 year ago

      Ohh no no problem.I am not going to dive to deep within this small predicament but Jasupa has come from an unknowing past. Everything has come to him withered or displaced so he has never had a chance to know what he was supposed to be within this secondary world. He’s always found himself second or placed before others and he knows that is because he doesn’t know himself truly and is lost. Thinking his particular reason to live is to fight which is solely wrong and he knows it having a loving family now but even still he can never take the fact away that he is lost or unknowing of most of his past because he is lost within it, trying to find out why. Of course, this leads to many character downfalls and often hurts him and the others around him…so as Alyssa but it has clearly not been shown. So not only does he think himself lower then others but also has thrown himself out of the way of others not having much choice or much range fo to do.

      • Jasupa Asuta-Novu 1 year ago

        So in a natural sense for his whole life he has felt left out or possibly not even there at times. Really he was not meant for this world and that is the main reason why this is all happening to him. This is bad on the character but only creates original outlines for him. This only expands the worries and possible loves he has to go through.

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