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The Beast Awakens

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Deep in the forest of the Southern Continent of Hellifyno, there was a stirring… Beneath a giant tree made of FaE magic and the natural powers of the forest, tangled in it’s roots, was a giant stone of amber. Inside of this stone was the Warden of Thistlemere, The Bearking, The Lost Barbarian; Tearlach. He was there in a resting position, his claymore along side his frozen resting form, the gnarled talon of wood and stone of his left arm gripping upon the blade.
A tremor.
All was silent.
A crack would form in the amber, as the giant man’s eyes would open. The amber flaked away from the crack large chunks of the sap would fall. And with a gust of wind and a roar of a primeval force, his resting place burst open.
The kilted warrior stood there, his form still animalistic due to his communion with Thistle Leafblade. The spirit’s voice could be heard in his head, whispering to him. “Silence, I will keep my vigil, but… I feel a change must be made.”
The man reached in his prison… his place of rest, and took the large blade in his hand, wresting it on his shoulder, he began to march forward.

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