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The Beginning of Drelicath

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  • During the world summit something strange happened in the ocean Southeast of the Southern Continent. A portal was opened and through it came a small group of mages who summoned a boat to house them all. After they all gathered on the boat they started chanting a complex spell in their strange tongue. As they chanted they started to form an island continent of their own. As they worked their magical the land they created started to change shape. A single mountain reaching above the clouds rose above the rest of the island. On top of the mountain was a good sized temple. Soon their magic created strange plants foreign to Hellifyno. Soon a large city arose on the northern side of the new island. On the rest of the island were small villages here and there a few larger towns closer to the city and as ports along the coast. The architecture seemed mostly medieval with a small futuristic blip here and there. The city was surrounded by massive stone walls. The gates made of a foreign silvery blue metal. In the center of the towns and city were massive temples dedicated to foreign gods only one truly known. One statue of a fod depicted a certain king of Thistlemere by the name of Tolerith in his full plate armor. On the statues shoulder was a statue of a pheonix and curled around his feet was a dragon. The mages then quickly touched down on their newly created continent. The mages soon opened many portals and about 5 million people poured through into the various settlements the mages had created they brought all pets and livestock with them. A few priest’s appeared in the temple atop the mountain. The mages then opened more portals in the wilds of this new island continent allowing untold amounts of both familiar and strange beasts both magical and non magical that all started to go about their daily lives. In the capitol city was the castle of the ruler of this land. These people would call their land Drelicath. All of this would happen in the span of about one to two hours. After everything settled all their portals on the land closed.

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