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The biology of Erica

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So I’ve been getting questions lately about “How can Erica do this?” or “Why doesn’t she just do this?”


So I’ll answer some.



“How can she drink and have drugs?”

Her system analyzes the contents and mimics the effects it would have on a normal human.


“How does she have a heart beat?”

Erica has a system of tiny wires that string through her like a circulatory system. Liquid silver is pumped though them to channel the energy signals sent from her “brain” to the appropriate area. There of course is a central source of silver that could be interpreted as her heart, and the heart beat is to allow her to be more human.


“Why does she need to breathe?”

Her breathing is a sign that all systems are running fine, and once again to make her more human.


“Can she get pregnant?”



“Does she need to eat?”

No, but she can if she wants. Her body only stores it and she passes it as waste later.


“Does water electrocute her?”

No, she’s definitely water proof.


“Can she pick up on my cellphone signals?”

Yes.. Yes she can.. *evil grin*


And if you have any other questions, fire away.


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