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The Birth of Tiberius Karlex Kirk – 6/2 2018

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Dr. Alexandra Kirk (DM)

A certain Doctor was within her room. Clothes still not changed from the last time. Right now she ws meditating in the room of her and Jim. It was dark, barely lit. Eyes closed. Focus. Something was about to happen and she knew it. Felt it in the air, through her bones. But what was it? Emotions were like here and there. Alex was trying to find her focus – her center. The balance. Is she balanced? Not at the moment. Yet sometimes it has to tip to one side more than the other before the balance is back. Center of self. Even is she may not know what is about to happen, she has a guess as to what it is. The Empire needs to be stopped and soon. Along with The Emperor. It is possible Jim was never up to the task of ending The Emperor. All she wished was that he would say so, instead of allowing himself to be turned. In a sense she might always have felt it was upto her. Now she’s starting to feel that again. Deep down she has this feeling the final confrontation will be between her and Palpatine. Is this the truth? Will it be so? One never knows. It is just her underlaying feeling that this may be the case. 


Dr. Alexandra Kirk (DM)

Of course meditation didn’t instantly help. Not when worry, hurt and anger were constantly on her mind. Finding her center was difficult. And it would get worse – she just knew it. Last summer came to mind and the wet note that Jim wrote to her. One she always keeps with her. It would be the same again. All the pain and suffering for everyone involved. What if he was right? What IF joining The Empire was the right thing to do and they had just looked at it from a different angle? It wasn’t impossible. They had just been offered bad deals or been manipulated. Not to mention IF that was their fate, Jim would have brought it up with them all. That maybe joining The Empire was the better option. It would have been discussed among them. So in a sense, it wasn’t what Crew was meant to do. Even if she somteimes wonders. Last summer Jim wanted to learn – to find out. Yet sadly they earned nothing from that. And even if he learns something this time around, it’ll be for his own benefit. Not that of the Crew. Deep down he knows he is his OWN master – that HE is the master of his own life. Alex and Jim are above Emperors and Kings, technically. Atleast when it comes to those of The Force. Jim is the master of his own vessel – not Palpatine. She wishes he knew this. And deep down? She knows he does.


Dr. Alexandra Kirk (DM)

Not more than perhaps an hour or so after the meditation, things did infact happen. As Alex was walking down one of the hallways, she felt a kick from her unborn baby. One that got to her so much that she had to rest a hand against a nearby wall. But there was more – much more. She felt it – something. Her free hand rested opon her belly. ”Jim…” Alex gasped, yet he is not there. Jim is not there, Alex. Yet in her current not-so stable mind, she can see him, hear him. ”Jim? It’s time. I can feel it.” Time for Tiberius – Their Gift. She felt it a while ago that time was closing in. But she is alone right now. In this hallway. Her legs were feeling weak and so she fell onto the ground. There is only one (aside from Jim) that can help her now. But she doesn’t want to give birth. Not like this, not here. ”Not yet… not without Jim…” She tried to get into a sitting position against the wall which was a struggle in and on itself. ”Our Things.” It’s as if she’s in a trance. This was meant to be with Jim on Themyscira. Safe. Away. Not here. Together. Their Things. ”Please not here, not now.” Alex almost pleaded. Not like this. The pain from the kicks and punches didn’t really help, either. Her legs were spread as she leant against the wall, hands clutching her belly.


Kara Zor-El (DM)

Kara was on guard duty, in a sense. For her adoptive sister Alex. Yesterday she told Kara that it might be time. Soon. didn’t know when but that it was soon. Diana had been told as well, though there was a form of agreement made between the three. Kara wanted to tell James… Alex wanted to tell him… yet they couldn’t. Not yet. He had to get better first. And they’re going to do their outmost to make him better. They have people, they have resources. Better yet – they got the willpower to do it. This Crew – HIS Crew. They will never give up on one of their own. *Leave no one behind*, as he has said. No matter what anyone says or thinks, James is a victim in this. As are they all. Under the regime of The Empire. Yet maybe with Alex leading them, they might be given that opportunity to strike? To finally end The Empire? Kara was hoping for it. They’ve been ready since last summer. One of these days they have to show it, too. Being on guard duty, as it were, meant that she had to keep her sense sharp. Even the tiniest of whisper could reach her ears. Not to mention the heartbeats and breaths. She recognises them all on the ship now. And Alex’s heartbeat is definitely rapid. The breathing rapid as well. So Kara sped off towards where her sister was. ”Alex?” Worry in her eyes, even though she had a clear guess as to what was going on. ”You need to get to Medical.” Even she knew this was not how it was meant to be. Definitely not. Alex no doubt felt disappointed.


Dr. Alexandra Kirk (DM)

Alex looked to Kara as she appeared and shook her head. ”I’m fine.” Yet in truth, she was anything but fine. She hadn’t showered, changed clothes or eaten since Jim turned. She is suffering. And this is adding insult to injury in her mind. Indeed – her mindset right now is not the best. ”Just needed to sit down.” She probably wouldn’t be able to stand on her two own. Alex looked away for a moment. They were alone. ”Are YOU fine?” She knew Kara was anything but. Practically threatened by James onboard that Star Destroyer. Kara had been the one to express fury outwardly the most. Alex was keeping it inside. 


Kara Zor-El (DM)

‘I’m fine’ was the usual response from Alex. Most of the time it meant she was /anything/ but fine. James usually said ‘peachy’ and that too mostly meant that he was not well. Nevermind the fact that Alex was sitting on the floor in the middle of a hallway. That was not her style. Alex is a strong, determined woman. Not one to show weakness in public. Yet she too is vulnerable. Everyone has that side to them. ”No, I’m not.” Kara responded. Almost too quickly, in a way. But there was more important things at hand than her own suffering right now. ”Right now, it’s YOU who matters.” Even stepping closer, attempting to help Alex up on her feet. Gently, yet firmly. 


Dr. Alexandra Kirk (DM)

Kara never was very good with secrets (generally) speaking. Some she can keep, others not so much. For once she was honest about not feeling well. So Alex’s features softened. She wanted to hug her sister, cry and tell her she isn’t doing well. Yet she can’t seem to. Not yet. These sister can’t lie to eachother, however. And Kara probably already figured it out. Once Kara was helping her up, she was even attempting to struggle against it. Considering she is a Kryptonian, said task would prove futile. ”Not here… not now…” Alex repeated once more. Said words probably said more than they should. A clear giveaway of what was about to happen. Each minute now was crucial. And more problematic it would be. The Little Kick was at it still and it was taking a toll on his poor mother. Alex even managed to get out of the grasp moments later. ”I can walk. Look, it’s fine I’m ju—” Though her eyes were feeling heavy and legs weak. Even as she tried to walk, it was wobbly. Not long after, she fainted. Kara was quick on her feet and caught her. ”Jim…” Alex uttered, before her eyes closed completely.


Kara Zor-El (DM)

Kara used her Super Speed to carry Alex to the Medical Bay. The staff was limited. Just McCoy and a few others. ”It’s time!” Kara told everyone and they knew eactly what to do. Kara gently place the fainted Alex upon the bed. ”She fainted. She’s not eaten since…” Since Jim turned. Kara was evidentally worried and while the medical staff probably wished for her to be outside, this was not to happen. Alex, Diana and Kara had reached an agreement. The birth was… more of a task, now. A business. This was not how Alex wanted her firstborn to come to the world. This rotten, chaotic world. The door to the Medical Bay was closed and no one was allowed to enter just yet. The medical staff was tending to Alex, preparing the soon-to-be mother for the delivery. Her energy levels were pretty low as it was and so getting those up was of importance. Once Alex was awake, Kara was there for her, giving her a reassuring hug and held her hand.


Dr. Alexandra Kirk (DM)

Alex held onto Kara’s hand. But it’s not the hand she wants to hold. Which brought her to more discomfort. Worry. ”I’m scared.” Alex never admits to fear. Her mind is unstable, as are her visuals. It’s probably a good thing she doesn’t hear the doctors speak of this delivery being one that just might be complicated. ”It’ll be fine.” Kara reassured, though heard some of the comments from the doctors. ”Everything will be alright, okay? I’m gonna be here through it.” Yet the fear wasn’t the pregnancy. It was the aftermath. How will she be as a mother? Will her baby boy be okay? Will Jim be okay? ”This isn’t where I was gonna give birth.” Alex said, shaking her head. ”Not without him.” Tears starting to form in her eyes. Jim, however, was unable to be here at this point. They all knew it. Alex felt horrible and guilty, even though this is a natural thing. She cannot control when the time to give birth is. Alex spoke to him last night. He should be here! With her!


Kara Zor-El (DM)

It hurt her. To see her sister like this. Nervousness she would understand. But the fear? Worry? She shouldn’t feel that way. Perhaps she felt alone, too. Lonely. This wasn’t how it was meant to be. She gave Alex’s hand a gentle squeeze. ”He’s with you.” She motioned for Alex’s heart. ”In your heart.” In all of their hearts. ”In your mind.” In all of their minds. ”Your Things.” A reminder. Of the wedding… the time their eyes met… pleasant memories. She needs them. ”Think about your home. The fields.” She was really trying to keep Alex’s mind reassured and occupied.



Dr. Alexandra Kirk (DM)

The fields. Their home. Kara was like the very sun shining over the fields. Where they would plant their crops. Tiberius would have his own little cute garden when he was older. In their cabin. Technology, yet more limited than in a city. They would have it all to make sure his life was as perfect as could be. And she saw James there. Smiling. Proud of the crops, most likely. More tears were filling her eyes. No words just yet. It felt like anything and everything she said would make no sense. Would not feel right. Atleast her breathing seemed to calm for the moment. All she could think of was James. Her husband. Her beloved. Where is he? Why isn’t he here? She feels lost and alone without him. Their boy is on his way. He should be here. Even though she may appear calm outwardly, her thoughts weren’t. During the wait for pushing and everything else that was involved with a pregnancy, all she said was ”James…”… ”Jim…” Those names. The only ones she uttered in between the pain, struggle and pushing.



Dr. Alexandra Kirk (DM)

”A healthy baby boy.” One of the medical personall said, gently handing her little Tiberius. Her baby boy. Cord and everything else had been taken care of. Alex’s eyes widened as she saw him for the first time. His face and his tiny hands. Cradling the baby for a moment just in awe. ”Tiberius Karlex Kirk.” A smile was on her lips, tears still in her eyes. ”Little Kick.” It was him – her boy. Their Gift. ”Hey you.” Alex waved to him. Kara wiped her eyes at the cute and adorable scene. Alex looked happy, thankfully. ”He’s beautiful.” Kara would say, though didn’t want to interrupt the moment between mother and soon. One where James should been. ”My baby boy.” Alex said, her fingers caressing that of her nowborn son. For being born just moments ago, he wasn’t crying. Though that would soon change as he started to scream. What does she do? She’s never been a mother before? If only Jim was here. He should be. With her… with Tiberius…


Kara Zor-El (DM)

”He truly is.” Alex said towards Kara with a smile. One that was genuine, yet not as big as it could have been. There are more than one reason for that. Right now she was cradling the baby and trying to soothe him. It would only get more diffcult from here. Kara wasn’t saying anything just yet. For she knows. Silence. Even her smile was fading. But there was no rush. Never any rush. Not in a moment like this.


Dr. Alexandra Kirk (DM)

It went on. This moment. Perhaps an hour passed? But she knew it wouldn’t last for long. ”Mom and dad love you so much.” Alex said, tears starting to form again her eyes, trailing down her cheeks. A gentle kiss to the boy’s forehead. ”Mommy has some things to take care of, okay?” Making the world a better place for him. He is the future. He needs to be safe. And if she cannot protect her husband, how can she protect her son? Her eyes then went to Kara. It was hard to see with the tears in her eyes. She was either making the biggest mistake as a mother – or the correct one. Either way, it was her first tough decision as a mother. For the longest of time she held onto Tiberius, as if protecting him against everyone and everything. She will. It is what she has sworn to do. Therefore… ”Don’t—” Her voice cracking as she was handing him to Kara. Hesitation. Gentleness. Tenderness. Only once Tiberius was in Kara’s arms did she speak again. ”Don’t tell me where he is.” This was the agreement. As much as it hurt her. As a mother. ”Please let me know how he is.”


Kara Zor-El (DM)

She was well aware how much these words hurt. How the decision hurt her. Even Kara felt it as an aunt. Kara booped the nose of her nephew, though she was not without her own set of tears. It would be a cry fest and she knew it. ”He’ll—” Voice cracking here too. ”He’ll be safe. I promise.” That was the promise made. Kara would be the one. Had to be her. ”If you ever change your mind I’ll get him right away, okay?” The harsh part was that Alex didn’t want to know where Tiberius was located. Only about his health. Until Jim is well, she cannot be a mother. Not yet. He is Their Gift, not only hers. Therefore this needs to be done. A hug was given between them. Kara, Alex and Tiberius. They cried. All of them.


Dr. Alexandra Kirk (DM)

Embracing her sweet little boy and her sister, she let the tears run freely. This hurt her more than anyone might ever realize. But until Jim was better, she had to do this. Else the boy would be hunted and taken away from her. Atleast now he would be safe and away from everything. And it wasn’t set in stone. What Kara offered was true. If being away from her son was too difficult, she could have him here again. A song came to mind. One she would be able to hum and song. A little gift from his mother. ”My son, I have nothing I can give…” It was so difficult. Did she truly want this? ”But this chance that you may live…” Not really, no. But it had to be done. Right now it was the only logical option. ”I pray we will meet again…” There was definitely more to the song at hand.


Dr. Alexandra Kirk (DM)

”Hush now, my baby… be still now, don’t cry.” He had to be strong. As did his mother. ”Sleep as you’re rocked by the stream, sleep and remember my last lullaby.” Would this be the first and last time she laid eyes on their son? Who knows? War is ugly. They all know this. ”So I will be with you when you dream…” A mother is meant so sing for their children. ”River, oh river, flow gently for me… such precious cargo you bear…” Wiping more tears as they came. She would be crying so much after this. ”Do you know somewhere, where he can be free?” It was closing in. ”River, deliver him there.” That was the song for him. For him to remember. Until they meet again. ”Stay strong, my precious boy. Tiberius.” A kiss to his cheek as she looked to Kara. 

Song sung by Alex:

Prince of Egypt – Deliver Us


Kara Zor-El (DM)

A little baby hand was taken by the mother. Holding it for a moment. Gentle. Tender. His little hand, reaching out as if to say no. Perhaps his first protest? Kara frowned and knew it was time. The difficult task. One that would probably never heal. Here was hoping Alex would be able to forgive herself for it. In their eyes, it was the right thing to do. ”Tiberius will be safe and healthy.” Until Jim was. ”I promise.” Before Kara gave her sister another hug and then slowly started making her way towards the door. One of Tiberius’ hands reaching up and touching that ‘S’ on Kara’s costume. The House of El. Hope. Stronger together.


Dr. Alexandra Kirk (DM)

She hoped so. Right now she felt like a horrible mother. One that had not only failed in protecting her husband but also that of her boy. Seeing him being taken away (even if it was ‘somewhat’ willningly), she reached the emotional breakdown. Screaming and crying. It was so bad that she had to be given sedatives. Her emotions were off the charts. She is not well. And she may have made it worse. To protect Their Gift. If he had been here, he would have been in danger. He needed to be somewhere safe. A place that was only known to Kara. It had to be done, right? She truly hoped so. Only a select few knew that she had given birth. And sadly, it would have to remain such due to safety reasons. The ritual would make people believe she was still pregnant even if it didn’t show. She has only told Kara and Diana that it was close to time.







Be safe, be strong Tiberius

My precious baby boy

We will meet again

When your dad feels better

When your mom can be the mom you deserve

The mom you need


We both love you

More than anything

Your mom

Your dad

Your aunt

We’ll meet soon

Alexandra, James, Tiberius and Kara





The world is a better place with you in it

My boy

His boy

Our boy

Yet the world is not worthy of you just yet

As parents, it’s our duty to make it so

So that you can laugh, grow and learn

Our Gift


I made the hardest choice today

As I did the day before

My boys are near, yet so far away

Jim is here, yet not

Tiberius is not here, yet is close

I need to protect my boys

As a wife

As a mother

I’ll protect my husband

As I’ll protect our son


Don’t be scared, don’t cry

You’ll be in my arms soon

Ones that will never let you go again

With dad caressing your cheek

Doing his best to soothe you

Mom loves you

Dad loves you

Soon, my son

Soon we will be a family

Stay strong for mommy

As I’ll stay strong for you

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