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The Blockade of Planet I

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Olde Watch has been busy, since they first set down on Planet I last evening. They opened with a bombardment from orbit, which destroyed the indigenous life in a 50 mile radius, while also melting the surface metals of the chrome world, allowing them to be reworked through magnetic and gravitic fields into walls, trenches, bunkers, and tunnels, instantly ensconcing fortifications into the very material of the planet itself. Then their rovers had set out, digging and drilling mines when precious or useful ores were detected, while also expanding the reach of the fledgling colony. It was only then that the transport ships began to unload human soldiers into the base.

Now the colony is a bustling center of activity and life. Men and women rush about, supervising small hordes of drones which multiply the accomplishments and abilities of each individual. This has resulted in the production of a great factory, a place where machines build machines, which in turn repair and build more of their brethren. It is a production line of stunning efficiency, overseen by the human engineers that direct and coordinate all of the many moving parts. And there is only one product. A device that is built over and over again, a small orb, hardly larger than the size of a melon, with a smooth, chrome surface that shimmers in the factory light. Hundreds of these orbs are pumped out, and then placed, with great and gentle care, into the fields beyond where they sit in perfect precision upon the surface of the world.

Back on the surface of Planet I, the clones and drones have been laboring since first landing and finally, a sufficient number of the devices have been built to begin the initiative. The field is filled, and the hundreds upon hundreds of metal orbs rest against the shiny surface of the planet, chrome almost camouflaged against chrome. It is like the world has a great textured surface here, a place where its metal skin is prickling against the cold of space. But they do not lie there long. Soon the order is given, a great resonating sound is heard, and as one, the thousands of metal orbs lift up into the sky, slowly at first, and then, in a giant leaping bound, shooting upwards to nestle home in surrounding orbit. As they rise, they spread out, creating a shimmering net around the entire planet, a second set of stars, far closer, and more menacing.

It is not until they are in orbit that ground and remote based sensors can detect what these orbs are. They are mines. Powerful explosives each of which could shatter the hull of a battleship. They remain in orbit, spreading out, coating the outer atmosphere of the world in their menace. And then, in position, they begin to patrol, moving in coordinated and concentric circles with a very simple purpose: To Detect. To Intercept. And then to destroy. And while this net starts out sparse with its points of pivot far apart, the factory continues to manufacture, more and more of them, sending them skywards as soon as they are produced, causing the noose around the world to tighten, making the Blockade of Planet I, ever more impenetrable, with each passing hour. Those on the surface will see the orbs, and will see their growing isolation, while any who tries to visit will quickly learn that the window of opportunity is closing.

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    1. Hm.. Just gonna say it.. Wouldn’t the detonation of one cause a chain reaction and thus destroy the others? This is assuming that they’d end up making enough to blanket the planet, and even if they’re not, one with that much firepower would end up causing some sort of reaction to cause another to explode, and so on and so forth. I dunno though, I’m just a simple over thinker 😛

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