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The Blood Sacrifices of Sprout

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Editorial written by: Flavius Flaev

The power that had protected Aark from the Death Cloud, was taken. Weary Wanderer, Empress of Hyandria, demanded that her artifact be restored, and in turn, gave the city, a ritual of blood to keep them safe.

Upon a tree, with a crystal of Hyandria, the blood of the people of the city was spilled. Sometimes just a drop. At first at least. But as the storm of yellow death outside grew worse, larger sacrifices occurred.

Rarely did anyone die. They still had some civility.


And the city was safe… for a time.

Then, a few of its inhabitants started to exert, unconventional behavior.

People started eating dirt and talking to walls.

Others painted their faces and snarled like dogs.

But others, were far more violent.

A few started fires, or fights. One drenched himself in alcohol, lit himself aflame, and ran through the town screaming and touching everyone and everything he could.

The city is now in a state of fervor, frothing.

According to our accounting, 30% or more of the population is suddenly suffering from some sort of traumatic psychological disorder.

And it is so insidious, we lost at least 3 of our reporters to this madness just taking that survey.

Something is happening in the city of Sprout. Something, dangerous. Something crazy.


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