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The Capital’s Response To Arom’s Transmission

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A/N:Arom’s writer Welcome back.

“Alyssa only told me about him, she thought he was bad however that was 7 years ago and we might have a potential Friend” Susan said to herself listening to the transmission over and over and over thinking through her choice 

“For The Greater Good Of This Solar System, we need to have a fresh start with him and be careful with our wording.” Susan said before tracing the location of transmission recording, before having a guard setup a camera before she just looked to it


“Arom as I do respect your wording, and I have listened your Transmission over and over. I do hope we can be Allies and that we can leave what happened with the Void behind I do understand you maybe fustrated with Alyssa and may not understand us and why we did that. It was 7 years ago of course for us and maybe you might have a different time passing on your planet or wherever you Reside..I hope this transmission finds you well and I hope to disscus somethings with you”


Susan said softly before sending the transmission off

    1. Message received by The Cybren Empire.
      Our envoy shall designate a meeting for the future.

    2. Very well Miss Moore We shall speak in a commonplace. The Red sun inn. You may choose the time and day.

    3. Lacie Moore 2 months ago

      Tonight if you can, I can meet you in the red sun inn. But however I don’t wish to stay there as I don’t want to indanger your safety. So then we will move to an Airship provided by the republic of Everston.
      I will explain the rest to you when I am there

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